Wednesday, October 03, 2012

too damned big

Jesus H. Christ on a crutch, the croissants at Old Soul are so big they look like Dungeness crabs in pastry form.  That is just wrong.

Speaking of supersized things, bars have to chill with their giant martini glasses!!  How about you give me 4 ounces less of liquor and charge 8 dollars instead of ten?  I should not be drunk and get a headache from one Gibson.  I can't help that it's my favorite drink.  Maybe I will start bringing my own old-timey martini glass.  The Grange has the St. George gin, which has strong juniper and caraway notes, and pours slightly cloudy, probably from the rye.  Fucking great, and it only costs about 33 bucks.  I can't believe people pay bank for Sapphire.  Also, Grange has Drake's Aroma Coma on draught right now and it's delicious.  I'm so glad this beer is getting distribution. I think it's at Pangaea right now too.  If only it would replace the mediocre Lagunitas IPA on local taps.  I think Grange has North Coast Scrimshaw, the Lagunitas and Aroma Coma right now.

Smiller went to Nic's DJ thing and said it was fun.  I forgot about it and fell asleep by ten due to the giant Gibson.  Bummer.


Anonymous said...

Shack has Aroma Prieta. New Zealand hops. I'm curious.

Mark N. is bartending certain nights at Tres Hermanas; made me an "Olé Fashioned"; guy is top 5 bartender in town no doubt. He gave up his gig at Raven; Chris Sinclair is now there on off-Red Rabbit nights.


beckler said...

thanks for the heads up. tres is so close to my house

too bad the shack sux. boo. i have a personal beef which i will not disclose under any circumstances. i miss that turkey avo bacon sando though

DJ Rick said...

The inside seating area of The Shack is louder than a busy tarmac. I never wanna be seated in there again.

ninja said...

Where is the Grange? la grange?

gee whz said...

10th and J. We can get drinks on lunch and then drunkenly do government science.