Friday, July 27, 2007

AP strikes again

Look, Pierlioni could almost start out all of his columns this way- What do I know about ______ food? Not much. I know that that's unfair but why does he has to write his column as if he's frightened of any food that's not American cheese on white bread?


Anonymous said...

Sad news about Ingmar Bergman. You should do a post about the best of his films.

beckler said...

oh man, I hadn't heard.

Off the top of my head, I would say Scenes from a marriage is my all time favorite. It's pretty much my ideal movie, just people sitting around talking about really intense, gutwrenching things. It's in my top five of movies in general probably. The Virgin Spring and Cries and Whispers are the two that were the most shocking to me. It's because of him that I love the sound of the Swedish language and especially the name "Karin" which if you've watched his movies you can probably hear someone pronouncing it "Korin". There's always someone named Karin in every one of his movies!