Monday, July 09, 2007

j. rich

I think in these troubled, fractious times, we can all agree on one thing, and that's that Jonathan Richman is the best, right? If you say no then please go listen to rooming house on venice beach and get back to me. If that doesn't fill you with nostalgia for something that you've never actually experienced (which is a hard mood to create) then you must be missing a little piece of your brain where that mood resides.

There's a railyards meeting this week.

Have you ever checked out the free rag Edible Sacramento? I was reading it yesterday and these are the emotions I felt: envy, because they have so many ads from just about every good restaurant and gourmet food purveyor, sheepishness, because it's so pro compared to Midtown Monthly, confusion because the restaurant reviewer (Garrett McCord-the guy who writes vanilla garlic) used the word "shibby" in a review and I felt ignorant that I had never heard this word. It turns out it is a loathesome fake word from "dude where's my car". More confusion, when I saw he gave favorable reviews to Raja in Davis and Pronto in Sac. And then finally, relief, when I saw that Edible Sacramento is part of a national chain of publications that obviously has some deep pockets backing it. Nevertheless, it's an intriguing publication and a welcome addition to the free rag scene. They printed a recipe for peach dulce de leche gelato, and I made the base for it last night (which I would liked to have just done shots of it's so delicious) and am freezing it tonight, so I'll report back.


Anonymous said...

Mr.Richman has been my solace for 25 years; the man taught me how to actually LISTEN to music. He also has no "rockstar ego" which is, in itself, a refreshing difference.

The new Bad Brains, "Build a Nation" is super-mighty, too! When i worked at the 9:30 Club in DC, the best show ever was those two together.


beckler said...

hey, check the july 6th post on vanilla garlic. mulvaneys is hosting an event that sounds really interesting, and it's very affordable.

Unknown said...

1) I was using shibby years before that trashy movie came out. I was using it back in junior high.

2) Eaten at Raja's for years and only had good experience, but taste is subjective, so my good experience may have been your bad and vice versa.

3) No real deep pockets backing the magazine, ask anyone who works for it. It is one shallow pocket.

beckler said...

it's a really nice looking mag. i had fun reading it, and i was really intrigued by the local farmer/fisher stuff. i've never eaten at rajas, i confess. i figured it was aimed at college students and therefore terrible. but what do i know, i eat at stupid crepeville all the time in davis. you really liked pronto, though? for real? didn't the raw garlic on everything gross you out?

beckler said...

garrett-i really didn't think about that my post sounded jerky until i was riding my bike to lunch. i guess it was probably the first time all day i thought about it. i'm sorry for that.

soo...has anyone seen the thing on squeeze inn on the food network? i can't believe it's gotten so busy that people are waiting an hour and a half to get a hamburger! it's like the shake shack in sac.

wburg said...

It isn't a railyards meeting per se, just a presentation to City Council for review and comment. On the down side, no free grub. On the up side, if you have the gumption to get up and speak in public, you can make comments about the project that become part of the public record.

I might show up, although it's pretty much just updates. It would be the first opportunity to see how the feedback generated at the meeting at the SP depot and the Preservation Roundtable got spun.

Unknown said...

Didn't sound jerky at all. :)
I grew up snacking raw garlic in my house so its fine by me, but i can see why others wouldn't.

Raja's is aimed at students a bit, but its great food in my opinion, and for a great price.

beckler said...

I promise to try raja's at some point. The recipe for the peach dulce de leche gelato from Edible Sac was the bomb. It was super peachy.

beckler said...

this just in-Jonathan Richman is Jewish. Another triumph for the Jews.

Also, speaking of triumph of the Jews, Midtown Monthly now has a website. It's at