Monday, July 30, 2007

fools on fire

The Fool's Foundation is on fire in the next week! Fuck there are three good shows in a row! A Frames and Sexy Prison Reunion on saturday, Times New Viking on sunday (OK, I probably won't make it to Record Club because of this) and best of all Mika Miko on monday!
Oh yeah, and for those fans out there, Joanna Newsom is going to be playing with a full orchestra in Grass Valley in November. I can't go because I'll be kicking it on a beach drining out of a coconut shell


Anonymous said...

according to rick ele fools foundation has been temporaryily shut down due to fire marshall code shit. venues are needed to fill the 3-4killer shows that were suppsed to happen there. if you have suggestions please contact him or post on the undietacos message board

Anonymous said...

How is that possible? There are several, easily accessible exits.

Does anyone know if the officials, or whoever, showed up at the Lamps show? I was there on Sat. and people were having a great time until very late at night. Holy shit, this town sometimes truly hates a good time.

Someone's probably already on it, but if Delta of Venus or the DAM house can't handle it, maybe Java Lounge can.

beckler said...

I'm gonna be really bummed if the Mika Miko show doesn't happen. It looks like the future of Sac shows is Davis. I'm sure at least twice as many people would have come to the Finches show if it was in Davis, if not more. If you factor in the better shows, and Tucos Cafe, I can't bag on Davis anymore. Now what am I going to talk about?

talkaboutcharles said...

Some one should talk to Mike C about seeing if Mika Miko could just tag along to the RTL show that was happening that same monday at the press club. Not the ideal venue for Mika Miko, but at least they'd have a show?


ps. Did anyone go to that Mika Miko show in Jeff's garage like years ago?

beckler said...

Oh yeah, I was at that. I forgot about it until just now. What a fun night that was!