Thursday, July 12, 2007

more pizza news

Old Soul is offering pizza this week on thursday and friday. Here's their email about it.

As promised to all of our "Old Soul Friends," we will have "Slice of Soul" gourmet pizza available this week on Thursday AND Friday, July 12 and 13. Our pizza, with fresh local toppings, will be sold between 11 AM and 2 PM (or until we sell out!)--please come and enjoy. Price is $3 per slice. And, it is Second Saturday Artwalk time again. We will feature local artists and musicians, midtown culinary delights, beer, and wine (provided by Revolution Wine--the new urban winery in Sactown)! Please stop in to visit and partake (Saturday, July 14, 6:30 to 10 PM) in our warehouse, 1716 L St Rear Alley.

I am addicted to the Old Soul iced coffee and fresh bread so I went there again this morning.
Does an yone know the deal with the Revolution winery? Does everything have to be called urban now? Is that the deal?


Liv Moe said...

the answer is YES! the ol' man and I have discussed it and next month MM will be changing it's name to Urban Monthly, making our initials UM.

long live UM!

beckler said...

what about urban monthly euro luxury lounging-UMELL? of course if it was sacramento monthly euro luxury lounging your acronym could be SMELL

Liv Moe said...

i so wanted to come up with a good skynyrd joke just now but can't think of one.

failure, failure, failure, failure

Anonymous said...

"I said, wait a minute, mister,
I didn't even kiss her.
Dont want no trouble with you."

Skynyrd jokes write themselves.


beckler said...

aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!two more people just yelped pho bac and talked about how the servers don't talk to you much AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I'm going to kill myself now.

on the bright side, china b. is my new favorite yelper. his reviews are so fun to read! i did send him a message that i don't think the people at old soul are racist, though, just that they're businesslike

Anonymous said...

Anyone go and try the old soul pizza?

wburg said...

Revolution Wines is the project of Joe Genshlea Jr., son of Joe Genshlea, a fairly high-powered local attorney who once ran for mayor of Sacramento. Revolution will be located above and behind the hair salon in the old Lovell's Antiques building, near the corner of 21st and P.

It's actually a production/bottling facility, not a wine bar, although they will have a small tasting room upstairs.

At the Planning meeting there were concerns about potential future expansion into a full-fledged wine bar, or special events on the site, and how that might affect parking nearby (seeing as street parking in that nieghborhood varies between crappy and extremely crappy.)

City staff granted them a parking exemption, but the city staffer wasn't really helpful as to why they got the exemption.

Anonymous said...

Izzat the Joe Genshlea who used to work at Tower Broadway?


Anonymous said...

This from someone who is from (and gotten my ass kicked repeatedly in - back in the early 80's) one of the wine countries of the world - aka. Napa - lemmee tell ya, the town of Napa sure was NOT like the rest of the Napa Valley, at least back then:

If you're actually serious about why it's referred to as "urban" - that would be because it is a (so-called) winery located within an urban area, rather than the usual agricultural areas that wineries are more frequently found in.

And speaking of "urban:"
Y'all oughtta not ferget -- spits tobaccy -- that's the Napa in me - about Rock That Uke featuring Oliver Brown and a whole slew of others tomorrow night at Fools Foundation. And Mickey Rat creator Robert Armstrong will be there playing the uke along with co-director William Preston Robertson. It's gonna be uke anarchy, or so was inferred by Bill tonight. He also mentioned that I should refer to the movie as "a real corker." So let me tell you - it's a real corker. 7 PM. 5 bux.

wburg said...

Revolution Wines is having a second Saturday event this weekend, it would probably be a good spot to visit for you free-booze aficionados and wineheads who want to get the inside scoop. It sounds like they want to expand into the first floor once Moxy's lease ends.

Not sure if it's the same Joe Genshlea or not, but the winemaker guy, Jason Fernandez, apparently used to be a local musician. The other partner is Phil Serna, son of the late mayor.

--the urban punk

Anonymous said...

What's up with The Pizzas?