Wednesday, July 18, 2007

greens pizza

Ok, I know you guys have all been freaking out, thinking "when is she going to post the goddamned pizza recipe already" and hitting refresh every few seconds, but relax, dudes. Here it comes. Now pretty much any pizza is a good pizza, and I've made a lot of them, but this one really stands out in quite a few ways. One really wonderful way is that the crust only rises for 30-40 minutes. It's a great crust, and although I still prefer Marcella Hazan's crust recipe, hers has to rise for three hours so it's rare that I have time to make it. Also, I believe hers makes two pies and is a bit difficult to split. This is taken from the Greens cookbook, which is a very exciting cookbook indeed.

3tbl hot water
3tbl milk
1/2 package (1 and a quarter tsp) active dry yeast
pinch sugar
1 tbl olive oil
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbl rye flour (you can get this from the bulk bins at the co-op to just buy a small amt)
2 tbl whole wheat flour
5/8 cup white flour

Combine hot water and cold milk-ideally the liquid should be around body temp. Add yeast and sugar and stir. Then mix in all ingredients except white flour, and after gradually mix in white flour. Flour the crap out of a surface (the dough is really sticky at this point) and keep flouring as you knead it. This is some beautiful dough here. Knead for five minutes but you know you won't really do it for a full five. Oil it up, put in bowl, cover, wait 35-40 minutes.

OK, so even if you don't use this to make their nicoise pizza, you have some great dough. If you'd like to press on, start thinking about what time you are going to turn on your oven to get your pizza stone heated to 500 degrees. Don't even think about making this without a stone! Get a stone, they're cheap and they work great. Hmm...I'm tired of writing right now so I will follow up with the rest of the recipe later.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a gluten-free version?

Anonymous said...

What appears to be parchment paper that you are using is blowing my mind. Do you make the pizza on the parchment then slide it onto the pizza stone? Cause that really solves a lot of problems in my life.

Miss B

Anonymous said...

Sammies shocker! The Secretions beat out The Bananas in the punk category.

The real tragedy was that stupid Didley Squat beat both Baby Grand And Agent Ribbons in pop. Stupid! Liv correctly predicted that they would accept the award with wacky antics.

OMF's favorite band won for folk. He couldn't stop smiling about it all night.


Anonymous said...

If we just keep practicing & doing local showcases & promoting ourselves, we'll win next year. I can just feel it!


Liv Moe said...

acoustic folk

beckler said...

yes, that IS parchment paper. good eyes. i roll it out on there (and this dough rolls out like a dream as long as you flour it on top) and then carry the parchment paper to the stone, usually burning myself on some surface of the oven in the process.

Anonymous said...

gbomb, why do you hate freedom?

HK said...

Where's the rest of that pizza recipe!? I'm in the mood for some pizza-ing.