Friday, May 27, 2005

Burrito of doom

La Fiesta gave me food poisoning! I will spare you the indelicate details, but I feel sick as a dog. As I was eating this burrito last night I was thinking to myself, "in a lifetime of burrito eating, this burrito may just stand out as the best burrito I have ever eaten". It was so good I wanted to tell someone, or hire someone to write it in the sky. My heart was full of love for this burrito, and subsequently, my bowels are totally empty this morning. Or at least you'd think they would be after the night I've had. I mean, God, I didn't even eat that much yesterday. Maybe all those co-op wingnuts were right about junk food being stored in your colon. This experience (the love, followed by the pain) could well be a metaphor for my romantic life lately.

Tonight, Charles is drumming with the Knockoffs in Cesar Chavez plaza. The show starts at 6:00, and the Knockoffs are second. Come out and support our man Charles (who incidentally, is not a liar). I don't know about other fun stuff going on this weekend. I know that J. is having a going away party tomorrow. Other than that, people should fill me in.


DB said...

To be fair, Charles' favorite movie IS "Dirty Work" with Norm while not a liar, he certainly does have some problems.

Anonymous said...

..and I do own the Jurassic Park Triology. Wait. No I don't Dan owns that. Now thats problems.


Anonymous said...

I asked people last night if it was the chile verde burrito that I recommended that got you sick, but they said that it was bad beer. If La Fiesta is in the clear, please let us faithful readers know.