Wednesday, May 25, 2005

flaming lips

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I am pretty into this old picture of the Flaming Lips. There's a documentary about them called "the Fearless Freaks" but it may only play in NYC. I wish it would come here!


Anonymous said...

When I was growing up in Montana, the Flaming Lips were one of the few bands that came to Missoula. This was the 80s, people! It was the Flaming Lips, the Dead Milkmen or nothing.

I want to personally thank them for rocking my musically starved high school self. God knows where I would be today without them and the Canadian Broadcasting Channel's New Music Magazine. Probably waiting in line for Dave Matthews tickets.

G Bomb

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's out on DVD. It's #1 on my Netflix queue.

More money...


beckler said...

It's on my queue too, with the ominous warning "very long wait".

Anonymous said...

Heh, that's probably my fault, it's shipping today.