Thursday, May 12, 2005

hella shit to do

The first Sacramento city vision plan meeting is this upcoming monday. For more info, go to It's from 600-830. Anyone who is planning to live in Sac for a while should try to go and be prepared to be assertive and speak out. There are 14 meetings planned for phase I of this project, and some of them are downtown, so check out the website and try to go to one or two.

There are a bewildering array of activities coming up in Sac. I feel stressed trying to pack them all in, but they're all fun so I guess I shouldn't stress. The Clunie center book sale is going on right now. It's in McKinley park. It's going today thru sunday and thankfully it's open until 8:00. I'm going to try to stop by tonight. There is a show tonight at on the Y. I have been wanting to see Gift of Goats so I may go. Has anyone seen them? What do you think? Tomorrow is a secret show that is probably no secret to most people. I think it may be too crazy and/or get shut down. We'll see. This weekend (starting friday) is the Pin A Go Go in Dixon. If you've never been but you like pinball (and who doesn't like pinball?) I urge you to attend.


Anonymous said...

There is also a big show in Woodland to benefit sending grade school kids to Sly Park science camp on friday. The lame Four Eyes are playing early incase anyone is in Woodland around 6:30 or 7 taking in the night life; well evening life. You can go to the show see us then stay late and see a bunch of other bands or leave and get home in time for dinner.Also, if you dont go it just means you hate having kids learn science. The place is Brown's Corner at the intersection of Main st and hiway/county road 98.

-dudest dude in the dude

Anonymous said...

Is that tonight?

Anonymous said...

GOG will blow your mind - way better than some secret show. OK, maybe not, but the venue (On the Y) is definitely worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

go for the venue, stay for the gross... uh... "bands". secret shows rule, i love the secret circle of secretness. i wish it involved a secret handshake and a membership card... gotta keep the squares in their place, which is somewhere else.

Unknown said...

i just got back from the booksale. it looks like they're still unpacking, so i'm guessing there are treasures to be had until Sunday. and fyi, $5 a bag on Sunday!

GOG i love for the kids in it, the music not so much. but on the Y is so worth checking out.

totally forgot about Pin A Gogo! thanks.