Thursday, May 12, 2005

new slang

James Murphy just coined a new slang! Or new to me, anyways. In his sorta boring, too-long thing in Pitchfork today, he's revealing how little he knows about hip-hop (he cites early N.E.R.D. stuff as groundbreaking. Barph.-Look, I just made that up, it's like the hip hop "barf")) and he's talking about Ludacris, and he says, "it's great, it's party". "It's party". I like that. That's my new phrase. Don't try to use it! It could be the new "that's hot" now that Paris is all played out. I'll say it in the same bored way she says "that's hot".

I'm not bagging on him, though. I think he's interesting and honest. I like to read his ramblings.

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