Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Griego Erwin in disgrace

The Bee has had only one more piece that I could find on the resignation of sappy columnist Diana Griego Erwin. I still want to know which columns she was faking. I wonder if they are going to print any corrections. I have my suspicions about this one. It seems pretty sensational. A scare story about a middle class teen getting into cutting and getting raped because of her involvement with sick internet sites, and with "all names changed" of course. There were numerous letters to the paper both for and against Erwin, here's an amusing one:

Re "Diana Griego Erwin resigns amid internal inquiry into her columns," May 12: More than several months ago, you dropped several great cartoons (Hagar, Grimm). Then The Bee goofs up the Sunday Forum format. Now, The Bee has ousted Diana Griego Erwin, the best writer on the paper's staff! The only plus left for The Bee is that it is still on the side of Democrats. (Aren't you?)Erwin was a splendid columnist. If her columns weren't quite authentic, they were still far more interesting, entertaining and colorful than anything else offered in The Bee.
Do Bee subscribers a huge favor and bring back Diana!

- Walt Purdy, Roseville

A Hagar lover who really just wants interesting and colorful fiction in his daily paper. If he wants fiction he should just switch to the New York Post. Or watch Fox News.

What does Graswich have to say about all this?


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is an editor for a paper up north and his insider connections told him it was over her column regarding that banker that got clocked and killed after the Kings game which leads me to believe she made up the people who had supposedly been sitting near that dude at the game. I remember thinking at the time I was reading it that the police would probably want to get in touch with those people so maybe that's what led to it all, they couldn't find them.


beckler said...

Wow. That would be way crazier than making up the "internet teen in crisis". That would be interfering with a serious criminal case. I feel kinda bad for her. She must be going through some serious shit personally to pull this, but then again, how do you cross that line where you start fabricating things? Couldn't she have just asked for some time off?

Anonymous said...

She is totally crazy. Did you read her column on bathroom hand washing? She claimed to have stood in a busy bathroom for several hours and count how many women washed their hands after using the toilet. She said it was like 25% or something, which seemed like such bullshit. I think standing in a bathroom for 2 hours is indicative of a larger problem than dirty hands. I think Joey Garcia would say: "Ms. Erwin, you cannot wash society's hands, you can only wash your own."


Alice said...

i think a joey garcia/diana griego erwin mud wrestling contest would be the absolute best.

Anonymous said...

I hope this results in more column space for Anita Creamer. They totally edited her article on the wonderful spirit of giving at Christmas and how maybe if we all just stopped and looked around we'd see how beautiful the world is and......


beckler said...

What? What would happen? Oh, we'd realize the value of the "little things". And not to sweat the "small stuff".

p.s.-AskJoey would kick ass on any other columnist in town (including Graswich). She's a magnificent Amazon.