Monday, May 02, 2005

Contest results

This was the rant I posted:
It led to a few more that agreed with me, but most of the people had racist grounds for hating Davey D. I just hate him because he's an idiot.

Maybe I'll post in a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Ha. That's great! Davy D is a total annoying Jackass, but what DJ on either of those stations isn't? I've felt the same way about the bomb for some time now and have pretty much given up all hope. Besides playing annoying shit, you switch to 102.5 and they are playing the exact song!!! It's like they are force-feeding you that crap (except that there is an option to pop in a CD or meditate in silence).

The 102.5/103.5 scene is on it's last legs.

I just can't beleive all the good hip-hop and some r&b that seems to be coming out, yet never sees the light of day on either of those stations.