Tuesday, May 01, 2007

and another thing...

this is one of the weirdest yelps I've ever read, and that's saying something.

oh god, and david l.'s review of it is also insane (they are obvs in cahoots). sometimes the paint rubs off on your clothing?!?!?! and guess why the bathroom stinks? cuz people are in there taking big coffee shits all day long (not to put too fine a point on it). should the owner post a sign saying "no stinky coffee craps"?


werenotdeep said...

I kinda like the yelp reviews that run more to the tune of "I had an awful day, so I'm going to blame it on this restaurant, since it's mediocre, and I somehow associate it with my bad experience that actually has nothing to do with this place."

Check out Aaron D's review of Hamburger Mary's. Yeah, it's not that great, but man! Blame the restaurant for your shitty life, why dont ya.

Anonymous said...

How does he know the paint comes off on his clothing? Is he rubbing up against the wall?

Liv said...

Livingston's I presume??!!


werenotdeep said...

"They don't do the leaf and when attempted it is failed. You coffee connoisseurs know what I'm talking about."

Yes, but people who use grammar and syntax will not.

Dani said...

Why are these people going to Temple? If they are so upset about flies, homeless people, cigarette smoke and a stinky toilet, why in the world would they go to a cafe in the busiest part of downtown? Or even leave their homes for that matter?

Seriously, flies? Maybe I'm in the minority, but if they're not lying dead in my food or swarming all up in my face, I don't really think of them as a threat to my health, safety or happiness.

And the toilet is so not even a problem there. That toilet is pristine compared to most cafe bathrooms in busy, metropolitan areas.

Anonymous said...

I go to temple all the time, and I admit that alley can kick up a mighty smell especially in the summer, but its downtown sac so its not like I am shocked or anything.
However the complaint that you go home smelling like mold is one of the weirdest fucking things I have ever read. Like you get home and the smell of mold is everywhere on you? your hair and clothes, everywhere. How would this even be fucking possible.


Anonymous said...

There's a real schizo-ness to these two reviewers..esp. the chick who talks about spending tons of time there, yet she detests it. You know how schizos are obssessed with bodily functions and enjoy lengthy, exhaustive writing? I picture her getting thrown out and rushing over to the library and hopping on the internet to review it.

-- Patrone

916dave said...

There's only enough room in this town for one David L. Im going to have to do something.

Anonymous said...

I hope you picture her coming right to me at the library.
Because she will.
and you are right, people have a smell thing.
today a co-work was told by a gentleman that he likes to be odorless.


Alice said...

yeah dave,

i was scratching my head for a minute and then i figured it wasn't you. weird. go kick that guy to the curb.