Friday, May 18, 2007

ruffled fins

I had to erase that photo for my own peace of mind.

Ha! Some fins are getting ruffled after LH closed the polls for the whale names.

AP does something completely out of character and reviews a ribs place! Oh no wait, I meant he does something completely predictable and reviews a ribs place on Howe Avenue.

Looks like the Bee took down those cocaine-related comments on this article. Is the Bee getting pranked? Here's another comical story involving firefighter Christian Pebbles. Holy shit, that frightening, frightening image was the number one hit when I did a google image search for Christian Pebbles.

Someone just yelped Gunthers and called it "ghetto". And then mentioned it doesn't take American Express. Is that what makes it ghetto? Someon else yelped about how scary Henry's is. Frightened, frightened yelpers.


archbishop said...

Anyone who went to the hospital from breathing the fumes of old food should be punched in the belly, forced to pay the emergency response team's bill and eat only at Del Taco. I think the Bee should print their names, numbers and addresses.

I'd say it's the drive into Gunthers is what gets it called ghetto. You have to drive right past Cheers -- the bar that's infamous (at least in my mind) for not allowing Keith Hurricane into it for his 21st birthday because he's too white.

beckler said...

is this photo making heckasac all nsfw? i can delete it now that you've been thoroughly frightened

werenotdeep said...

The lime colored walls are a throwback to the 40's? So is the Empire State building at throwback to 30's art deco, or the whitehouse a throwback to early 19th century Federalist style?

werenotdeep said...

And no American Express? Man, I had no idea, but Gunther's just lost some serious Carl Malden appeal.

Anonymous said...

i was prepared to give mr. food reviewer the benefit of the doubt, but he kept shortening barbecue to 'cue.

fuck, it hurts me just to type that.

also: cheers fuckin' rules. it's named cheers for godsakes. yes, there's black people inside, but where you find black people, you also find ... SOUL FOOD*! which is delicious.

sorry i mean 'oul.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gunther's is near the border of Oak Park and some of its patrons are brown and working class. And they're standing right next to you - eating ice cream!!

Maybe Vic's in Land Park will prove to be a little more homogeneous and "safe" for your tastes, frightened little yelper. There's also this place called Granite Bay. I think they have ice cream there too.

Praying for your safety,

Anonymous said...

Gunthers ghetto ?!? You have to be kidding me! I just took my dad who's white and lives in the Midwest to Coffee Garden on Saturday (which is right across the street from Gunthers) and he thought it was a cute neighborhood.

~Ally D.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Sacramento! Make that Vermont. Henry's ain't scary so much as depressing. Like a Selby book, only with actual smells and not so literate.