Friday, May 25, 2007

whales vs. jazz

What will happen when the whales meet the drunken revelers on the river this weekend? Do whales like to party? I like this comment on the story:

How to help the whales?
Has anyone thought of using dolphins to show the whales the way home? Since we can communicate with dolphins and the dolphins can communicate with whales, they seem to be the perfect translators. Just a thought... here from Park City, UTAH

The only small flaw that I see in this plan is that we actually can't communicate with dolphins, but besides that it's brilliant. Has anyone thought of using the sounds of Dixieland Jazz to drive the whales back into the sea?

Ella, don't look at this.

Another BJ for the Quarry Pond shopping center.

The Coconut Coolouts were good. I am wearing the dinosaur shirt that you see on their myspace right now. I think that the success of bands like this and Tyvek signals a return to fun bands! Just in time for the summer. It was a bummer that the ten o'clock show at Fool's really started much closer to eleven.


DaveNinja said...

thursday is the new-old thursday. Jack's band was stuck in traffic. so i just pretended that there were a couple opening bands that no one watched playing. Up with imaginary bands!

dave ninja

beckler said...

i didn't see that you signed it and i clicked on the link and thought that lisa had been at the show! i was straight trippin, in other words.

beckler said...

p.s. i know i am really late with this, but that drunk hasselhoff video is truly horrific. i wish i hadn't seen it. now that i have seen an episode of ugly betty if i can just find that dick in a box video that everyone is always talking about i will be all caught up, pop culture wise. or do i need to listen to fall out boy for that?

Anonymous said...

If these looser whales knew ENGLISH which last time i checked wwas the NATIONAL lnguage of the USA we could tell them to go back to the ocean or wherever their from & have a peaceful 3 day week end just my 2 cents.


werenotdeep said...

If you seriously think it would work, I'll take my banjo down to the delta. Anything to help the whales.

Anonymous said...

Better question: Could Dixieland Jass drive out the Kings? Olsen: down to the arena, quick!

and becky... yeah you're way behind the curve. Even I have seen 'dick in a box' and I'm still accessing the internet with punchcards.

Anonymous said...

Jass? Thank you for reinforcing your supreme old timey-ness.