Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jazz Jubilee!

Jazz Jubilee photos-click for more detail great Garfield banner-Garfield has strangely elongated limbs and musical notes emanating from his pits
Old timey space trooper
old timey dudes filming stuff

awesome snoopy banner drawn by a JFK high student
Mark S. Allen, obvs
and his butt
this lady personifies jazz, although she looks a bit new rave from the waste up
this kid getting his face painted is so cute


Anonymous said...

New Rave? Is that related to smooth free-jazz?


Anonymous said...

It's closer to free smooth-jazz.


ACK said...

I think Marcus Allen is wearing lady jeans.

Anonymous said...

I love that snoopy sign by the porta potties.


Anonymous said...

Mark S., his butt and his kid Carson.

Biggest fan!

Jackson Griffith said...

Dixieland? Jeebus Chrysler, Beckler. You've got to be fricking kidding.