Thursday, May 31, 2007

good vibes, great oldies

OK, let's have some positive vibes up in here. Did you know that this saturday is Operation Restore Maximum Freedom V?! And did you know that hometown heroes the Bananas are schedule to appear at 2:15 pm? But wait, there's more. A bunch of other bands that I've never heard of, some of them even from foreign countries? Act now and you can buy an advance ticket at Armadillo Records in Davis or K records (now on Broadway) for only five measly bucks!

The Bananas would like to send out a call to some responsible so and so who might be interested in driving their BAC-above-the-legal-limit asses back from Woodland to Sac. Any takers? They have a van. You must have a valid drivers license and submit to a background check to apply. Maybe they will get you in free or something? Or buy you a burger? I'm serious, though, does anyone wanna?


beckler said...

wow! what an overwhelming response! we better watch it or we'll crash blogspot, guys.

shit, well, if you see the bananas and me and a really tall guy trying to hitchhike to woodland tomorrow, pull over and pick us up!

Anonymous said...

I dunno how to drive, but for a Burger I'll fake it.....


Anonymous said...

Hey, I can provide a ride if it's still needed.


916 216 1854

Anonymous said...

Dang, we really need to get the internet at home! We made it there & back in one piece, but thanks Josh. If I had seen this, we'd have taken you up on it.


Anonymous said...

Any time. You guys were rad and I put down my Western burger to dance.