Thursday, May 03, 2007

tie dyed crocs

Wow, just when I'm ready to hang it up over here at Heckasac HQ after weeks of comments trickling in and then you guys bust out on the most random subjects. I love it! Yesterday I had the joy that is known as jury duty. Also known as hurry up and wait. I spotted local newsman Dave Walker in the elevator. His neck is very red. That reminds me, the other day I had a very thrilling local celebrity sighting when I was at Cafe Bernardo at a table near Davey D!!!! If I had my camera with me I could have gotten a picture with him. I need to carry my camera all the time because yesterday I saw the most awesome Vice don't which was a middle aged couple, both in tie dyed tshirts and denim shorts and he had tie dyed crocs! During my day of jury service, I got as far as into a court room and heard a bit about a case. I was almost hoping I would get picked by the end just so I could learn the details (it was a civil case but it involved juicy stuff like heavy drinking and racial slurs), but they thought it would go over a week so I'm glad I didn't. I got to have lunch at La Bonne Soupe and although sometimes I don't like his frenchified sandwich sauce the braised pork sandwich was very good.


Anonymous said...

Dear Heckasac,

I know this is off topic but I have a burning question: What's up with Inferno's?


beckler said...

Other than making an excellent slice in a pleasant location? I don't know.

The real question is: what is up with the sub shack? I tried to pose this question on the yelp messageboard but got nothing. Last I saw he had savagely ripped out all the plants and never seemed to be open. Does anyone have any other information?

Also: what is up with the Incredible String Band Party? I asked Licorice about it and she stared me down and said "I forbid it". Are we going to let her boss us around like that?

Anonymous said...

Licorice is invited!! I've decided to have it at Inferno's -- which looks like a dance club with its giant block letters that spell "Inferno's". Does it really sell pizza still? Really? Its not a swanky after hours dance club pick up spot that's hotter than Lipstick? Really?

Sub Shack Shocker: Inferno's still burns brightly!


leon said...

Last time I drove by Sub Shack, I saw they changed the name to just "The Shack"

Anonymous said...

i don't work near inferno, but i do live there... and i have never seen them open as anything other than a scrub club. i've walked past a hundred times - nothing.. called on the phone about 10 times - no answer.

Anonymous said...

This could be old-ish news but I just noticed yesterday that Julianna's Ktchen closed down. I always felt they could've done...something...I don't know what make that place succeed. It always felt doomed in there. But fear not, a sushi place is scheduled to open there soon. I'm not kidding.


archbishop said...

Inferno's is making pizza again. When I was working Tower, I ate there a couple times (last few months). It's not bad and everything on the veggie slice was fresh.

When I'd leave work around 12:30am, there'd be tons of people there. Some sort of dance club type thing. Unless they haven't gotten a permit and you're The Man. In that case, there were people out there helping the homeless and the elderly, and the elderly homeless.

Anonymous said...

Damm it all this sushi fucking pisses me off.


Anonymous said...

Long time reader of your blog, but first time commenter. I live across the street from "The Shack," as it is now called. It's true - it seems like they are NEVER open. I think their actual hours are 11-6ish during the week, with the 4:30-6ish portion being happy hour (as advertised by a gigantic, hideous Budweiser banner outside). The Shack is also open on Thursday evenings, like it used to be when it was Sub Shack. Somtimes they still have a cheesy band playing on those nights. They are not, however, open on weekends at all anymore, which is sad because Sunday brunch was the best thing about The (Sub) Shack.

beckler said...

that's really sad, i still can't get over the patio thing. they used to sell super cheap plants there and one of my favorite plants came from there (most of my plants don't last more than a year and this is one of the longtime survivors). i would have gladly bought 20 or 30 bucks worth of plants from that patio if they were just going to toss them. also, the sub shack's turkey with bacon is one of my favorite sandwiches in the world (perhaps my very favorite) and i have not eaten it in over a year because of the schedule being so wacky.

i have FINALLY also reached the sushi saturation point. the thing that sucks is you can be sure that each sushi place that opens will be exactly like every other sushi place, so there's no excitement when a new one opens. i'm pretty down on the eating options in the grid lately. if you took out broadway there'd be like two good places to eat at. i love the eating possibilities out in the burbs, but it's nice to bike or walk to dinner once in a while! i'm not talking fine dining here, just everyday dinner.

oh yeah, and i might as well make this a post cuz it's so long, but those two wackos that posted those yelps both responded to my yelp messages telling them "you're crazy" with LONG, slightly off-kilter restatements of their original reviews. they barely even seemed to take offense that i called them crazy. i'd print it, but it seems like printing a private email without permission. plus they're boring.

i was thinking about them complaining that temple has flies. they have flies simply from people coming in and out, it's not like they have extra flies cuz it's filthy or something. temple is always really packed. can you imagine if they had some flypatrol employee trying to swat everywhere? "oh, excuse me, can you just move your head so i can hit this fly? oops it fell in your cup". ha, check that extremely realistic dialogue. i should write a play.

Anonymous said...

Juliana's kitchen closed down?

That actually made me cry.


Wingnut A.

beckler said...

check this chkchkchk photo (scroll down)

fft said...

sub shack is not open regularly cos they don't have a regular kitchen staff.

but tonight, however, is a tres del mayo thursday celebration with mexican food and refrescos and the usual.

fuck knows why he took down the ivy.

and daniel at la bonne likes to mix up his sauce. now he's got a craime fraiche/balsamic mix goin on that's nice. i missed out on the split pea soup on friday, though. bummerz.

werenotdeep said...

I had no idea about Sub Shack. I guess that totally nullifies my yelp entry that I just did on it today. Shit.

Anonymous said...

I too saw that horrible happy hour at The Shack. I stopped in a few weeks ago and picked up a to-go menu and they changed the interior too. They had modern lights in the ceiling and I think took down the old photos.
Too bad! I thought Gary was charmed by the place as it was, I know I was.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time commenter, is up and running.

It's just a direct link to this site.

And now, for the rest of the story. The correct answer is, a pitchfork doesn't work on bowling balls.

Liv Moe said...


Anonymous said...

Crocs are now Big In Japan.

beckler said...

why does link to this? who set that up and how? what does that comment about pitchfork mean? it's hard to believe that crocs could catch on in japan because they are so comfortable and all the shoes i saw on ladies in tokyo were foot torture type shoes.

leon said...

I tried finding out who registered, but they used this service to host the url ( so they remain anonymous.