Thursday, May 24, 2007

be there AND be square

The whale situation is getting pretty sad, so I can't think of a new shirt, although I was thinking of something along the lines of Sac: so nice the whales came thrice!

Hey, there is a show tonight, did you know? It's for Joel's birthday! Four Eyes, Coconut Coolouts and Makes Nice.

It's a little early to mention this show, but Dan Deacon is coming to Fool's on June 21st. This guy is hyped to the extreme and I can't figure out why from listening to his CD, so I'm interested to see this show. I think this show will only go off well if there is a pretty big crowd, so we'll see.
This picture is a visual aid to let you see that smiller and I triumphed over this ape that was trying to make a monkey out of us.


Anonymous said...

It's so sad seeing no comment down here - look, that puzzle was freakin' hard OK?!?!


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I do like to see the box propped up for reference.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the picture didn't reference the 5 missing pieces!


beckler said...

we tore that puzzle a new one!

Anonymous said...

Still not as beautiful as Charday, but good work


Anonymous said...

We got some pictures developed the other day & one was a picture of Charday! Sweet Charday. Actually, that was about the only good thing about that batch of pictures. Let's just say thank god for the new digital camera. The old school one seemed to be stuck on the "double chin shiny red face" setting.


HK said...

Thanks for the tip on Dan old roommate used to watch his videos on youtube last summer. Funny stuff! I can't wait!