Monday, May 07, 2007

have you seen this man?

Ancient Sons! Ancient sons! I love this band! The songs on their myspace don't sound very similar to the live experience. They're a lot more rockin'. Sadly, they are having a hard time getting gigs, so if you would like the Ancient Sons to play your ice cream social, wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, briss, whatever, you should message them through myspace.

Record Club was pretty happening yesterday. Granted that was kind of because the other two bands besides Ancient Sons had a ton of members so it made the place seem more full. I personally think that he should stick to booking one or two bands at this early slot, but some of the upcoming shows are inflating all the way up to four! That's a dumb idea because part of the fun is chatting with friends and listening to Roger's excellent djing. Also, it's sunday night so it's perfect to have it over by around seven. Pipas is coming up. Is that the Swedish band or a different band?
Lavender Diamond! Lavender Diamond! Their new album is fantastic! They continue the secret Sac/freak fold connection by thanking John Baccigaluppi at the Hangar. Devendra Banheart has turned every freak folker onto this local recording studio. Has anyone ever spotted him hanging out in Sac? That's a celebrity sighting I'd love to have.
This post is getting long but hang in there. There are two shows coming up this week, don't forget. Tyvek on tuesday night and Finches on wednesday. And yes, they're at fools so you will have time to watch the golden state game on wednesday and still catch the finches.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention it, when I had my little office over at the Hangar they were there for a couple weeks mixing their record, so I saw him every day for a while. Nice fella!

Anonymous said...

Are there two bands called Pipas? The Pipas that are playing this month at Record Club are the London/Spain/Brooklyn Pipas. Scott, will you say something that will make people want to see the Pipas?


leon said...

Sorry for the 4 band bill when my pipas play. It was already booked, and that was the only day they could play, so we had to sqeeze everybody in. Come for pipas. They've heard enough about "the sac", SHOW SOME HOT SAC LUV!

beckler said...

I can tell you just drank 3 liters of beer by your use of the phrase "hot sac". OK, cool so it's THE pipas. Everyone should go! It's on may 20th, a sunday, an early show that starts at 4 pm. I will try to go but I am also going to Lavender Diamon that weekend so I may get all showed out.