Thursday, July 19, 2007

french film festival

The news and review just reminded me that the French Film Festival is this weekend and next weekend. I can't believe I forgot. This news brings stress instead of happiness, because I think I will be out of town both weekends. However, I think I can make the sunday showing of Army of Shadows. I'm going to miss both dirty movies, which is truly a travesty of justice along the lines of the Dreyfus affair (no, not Krippendorf's Tribe). Check the program here, and make sure to check out at least one movie!

Vaya con dios to the Bananas who head out to the Mauled By Tigers fest in Chicago tonight. The picture above is from last year's fest, so you can tell there's some fans out there in the city of the big shoulders.
The Waterboy thursday night dinner is tonight and the menu looks mouthwatering. Oh man, they STILL haven't posted it up on their website, but I got a printed copy. Scallop salad, chicken ravioli, and leg of lamb! And dessert, but I didn't notice what.


Alice said...

did you check out the street talk in the snr today? it's pretty classic. i'm digging the dude who wants to be a unicorn.

beckler said...

yeah, that was a good one. people had surpisingly good answers.

wburg said...

And for those who prefer their movies in American, at midnight the Crest will contain the TRASH FILM ORGY, showing the 1975 David Carradine classic DEATHRACE 2000! Cars, breasts, explosions, Sylvester Stallone with a machinegun, and of course, vilification of the French! It's just about as American as you can get, and an ideal way to scrub all the Frenchiness and baguette crumbs out of the theater.

Anonymous said...

The dessert was a white peach ice cream sandwich on gingersnaps.
It was all pretty damn good.

beckler said...

but are there breast explosions?

that was an excellent thursday night dinner, my favorite course was the chicken stuffed fresh ravioli with sage butter and mushrooms. however, the last two thursday night dinners have been so spectacular that this one suffered just a little bit in comparison. you can't be perfect every time! i felt the ice cream sandwich was actually a bit lackluster.

wburg said...

No, for breast explosions one has to watch the Chesty Morgan classic Agent 73 where a bomb is planted in Morgan's boobs--and considering this is an actress with the first name "Chesty" who can't act her way out of a moistend paper bag, you can pretty much hide a 2000-pound laser-guided munition in one of those things and still have room for a hidden camera with flash attachment in the other boob.

Anonymous said...

... and Watermelon Rose, raise my rent and take off all your clothes, with a trench coat, magazine, bottle full of rum, she's so good she make a dead man cum.


-----Der Alterkocker.