Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Are you cheap?

You know the answer is yes so I have a tip for you. At the new Safeway (probably the old one, too) they have a clearly posted sign that says if they run out of roasted chickens from 4-7 that you will get a free one. Guess what they were out of last night? That's right, chickens. After much confusion between the deli and the customer service staff because no one had ever tried to claim a free chicken, I was given a rain check for a free chicken. And you know what? It doesn't matter if you even went in for a chicken? You can just check the chicken rack out and if it's empty waltz up to the desk and claim your free chicken. The possible drawback is that if they call back to the deli and they have chickens ready but not out yet then they will bring them out and if you don't buy one you will be exposed as the cheapskate that you are.


Anonymous said...

Scam Punk! This is the sort of thing a soon to be semi-retired man needs to hear.

Plum Win said...

That is like the old Blockbuster "If it's not in stock it's free" deal. I have no idea if they still have it but you used to be able to just browse the new releases and then go up and ask for rain checks for everything they were out of and they had to give them to you. Free movies for all!