Thursday, November 10, 2005

this is fucked

Now here's some real controversy-over at the Barnesyard, DB was one of the first people to mention that when the Kings played the Pistons the other day, someone in Sac showed unflattering pictures of Detroit and played "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" to mock the Pistons. Fucked. Dan has written about it here and linked to articles about it..


Anonymous said...

The Maloofs took out a full page ad in today's Bee to apologize & I believe they're doing the same tomorrow in a Detroit paper. Doesn't change the fact that they allowed the video to be played in the first place but it's a nice gesture anyway.


Anonymous said...

Anyone remember when the Ma-goofs had to apologize to the women trying out for the Fast Break? Apparently, they were watching try-outs and making tasteless macho comments.

Relatively might say. Little did they know their comments were accidentally picked up by the house PA and broadcast in the arena. It was a small story in the Sports section.