Thursday, November 03, 2005

Randy Paragary I call you out

I had another lackluster meal at the Davis Cafe Bernardo the other day. In fact, this one went past lackluster and completely infuriated me. It was a flavorless turkey sandwich that cost over 8 bucks. I didn't want to send it back because I didn't want to be the schmuck that sends stuff back. So I decided to channel my anger into something good and I nursed an injured fawn back to health. After that, I wrote a letter to Randy Paragary and cc'd it to others in his mega-corp who might be interested. I threatened him with the wrath of the mighty Heckasac if I received no reply. Two days and counting. Watch out, Randy, I could muster forces for a massive boycott that will have you crying out in financial pain. Of course, I love the Bernardo downtown too much to join into the boycott myself, but my faithful readers will.

p.s.-Juniorquenchfan-I'd like to make a suggestion that you take the 300 bucks I made for you and use it to buy a ticket to the Xmas party. I know it's right before the holidays and all that crap but who cares, really? What could be a better way to celebrate our savior's birth than dirty dancing to dancehall? Assuming that Jason D. will also be in attendance.


Anonymous said...

Bernardo's for weekday lunch might just be lame all around. I went to the Sac one today and waited 20 minutes for my togo order which was just a Portabella sandwich. It was hastily thrown together and had too much mayonaise. It wasn't a huge deal, but those things are fucking expensive.


Anonymous said...

Jason D! Jason D! I'm calling you out! You better Dj the Christmas Party!!!


juniorquenchfan49 said...

Yeah Jason D! 'Nuff thunder 'pon a criss soundsystem! Fence a splinter! Soundboys fight fi life raft.

Listen for me being interviewed about that California debt claim program on CPR next week, some show called "Insight" with Jeffery Callison, my old boss.

Thanks again, heckasac!


beckler said...
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slop-dog junior said...

holy shit, missing it!

Just found out i can't make it to the xmas party for the second year in a row, (going to austin, though, which ain't all bad) but i will have you know that the party was the talk of the bar the other night at savalas. Rumor is, Band Band Band will be in sacto recording that day.