Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Tomorrow is thanksgiving (or turkey day as smiller likes to call it) and you know what I am thankful for? I am fucking thankful that I live in Cali. Sorry east coasters, but it may be in the low 70's tomorrow. I was just in your territory and the freezing fall weather was nice for a few minutes but my soft supple golden Cali skin quickly started to become chapped, the humidity affected my long loose sunkissed hair, I got all tense, my Chakras got out of whack and it just generally bummed my trip. I love California!

Also, I'm thankful for Fleetwood Mac. Which kind of goes hand in hand with the Cali thing.

I have heard some buzz about the new show at Fool's Foundation. I've heard that it involves nudity, so I'm there. It's a collabo between Olivia from Ollipom and some other guy, and Olivia's a nice and lovely lady so check it out. The gallery is open from 3-8 thursday and friday and 12-5 on weekends but I'm sure it's closed tomorrow.

So is there a Knock Knock show on friday? What are the details? Also, what's up with the bike ride tomorrow? When and where? Bananas play a free show with Daisy Spot at Red Square on saturday but I will be going to John Cale at Cafe Du Nord with Heckamax that night.

Also, I'm thankful for H&M and the Kinks song "hot potatoes".


Anonymous said...

RE: Appetite Enhancement Bike Ride

Same time
Same place

G Bomb

Anonymous said...

Yes, turkey day. I love that phrase. It's so much easier to say than that ol' tongue twister Thanksgiving. You know, it seems like only yesterday that it was pumpkin day & now, pretty soon it's gonna be santa day.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys talking about the Rubicon bike ride?


beckler said...

so what, is it like a secret where and when? how am I gonna go then? or is this like a cliquey-loft thing?

Anonymous said...

It's kind of clique-y but you are totally invited. Bring cash to buy raffle tickets.

It's just kind of illegal and sneaky for other reasons. No need to get the News and Review involved.

Yes, Rubicon.

G bomb

Anonymous said...

YOu should be grateful for Cali weather! It snowed for the first time last night here in Providence. Not a real snow, because most of it melted before morning, but just enough to let you know that it is freezing outside.

Anyway, tomorrow's Thanksgiving forecast is for 'freezing rain' a New England specialty. Not quite rain, not quite snow. The worst of both worlds!

But I shouldn't complain, we actually had the most beautiful fall this year, and at least it didn't snow on pumpkin day, as it's been known to do. And once the snow really gets going, I'm gonna ski the fuck out of it! Plus, Jake and Bridget's place is reminiscent of a chalet and he's been talking about cooking lamb in his fireplace. So, I'm actually looking forward to winter.


Anonymous said...

Becky, speaking of lamb, I was reading this morning about a Piemontese specialty which is lamb tartare with truffle shavings on top. Mmmmm, raw lamb!


Uneasy Rhetoric said...

I love the sun as much as anyone, but this weather is disconcerting. No fog? What will news reporters do if they can't report about all of the delays at the airport on Sunday because of the fog?

Anonymous said...

Knock Knock
Persephone's Bees
Losin Streaks
at ye olde Ironsides on Friday night.

smiller knows details about the bike ride.... guphy's right-- printing the details would probably invite too much of a spotlight.

beckler said...

yeah, i got the deets. i might come but i'm not really big on drinking beer or riding bikes...psych!