Monday, November 28, 2005

playground review

You guys are really not forthcoming with the comments today but I will remain faithful to my vow to not guilt you about it. Or did I just do that?

Playground review:

First, let me get this straight: I am not some kind of let's all return to childhood and frolic-type person. I didn't enjoy my childhood all that much and I prefer to do adult things like have sex and drink. But, that said, the new playground at Southside park is amazing. It is the trippiest playground ever, and it seems to be designed to be used in conjunction with weed. I mean, come on, it's called "universal universe"! A stoner had to come up with that. Right next to the sign with the name on it in spacey writing at the entrance there is a giant silver phallus. There's nothing that little kids love more than phallic sculpture. Across from this, towards the lake, there is a sculpture-in-progress that incorporates an Airstream trailer on a pole that has been turned into a space ship complete with an alien peeking out the top. There are numerous mazes and things to climb on. There is a giant rocking boat that can fit at least six adults. There is one of those dangerous metal merry-go-round things and a running hamster wheel thing that is going to really hurt some kid for sure. You have to run on it and try to keep up but it flings you off within seconds onto the squishy foam rubber ground covering that surrounds all the equipment. The piece de resistance (mispelled no doubt) is the red bucket. It doesn't look like much, just a tilted red bucket that you can sit in that's attached to the ground by a short pole. But as you sit in it and move slightly it begins to spin, and it starts to go quite fast and can be difficult to stop. You have to check it out, I can't describe it very well and I don't understand the physics of how it works. Go play on this playground before all the little brats break the equipment and tag it up.


Anonymous said...

I love the standing up spinny thing by the entrance. Lean out, spin slow, pull in, spin fast, it's like ice skating or physics or some shit. I'm sorry I ruined the playground by making them get rid of the motion detectored sound tower that made spacey sounds all night long that woke me up and kept me up. Actually, I'm not sorry, I hated that thing.

Miss B

Rosalitahead said...

love that playground, although after thanskgiving dinner all the spinning didn't seem like too good of an idea.