Monday, November 07, 2005

seatbelts save lives

The drummer for DMBQ was killed in a car crash. They played at Tonevendor a few months ago but I missed it. I am pretty fanatical about wearing seatbelts (and I'm guessing that she wasn't here), but when I've been fortunate enough to hop on a tour or ride in a band van to a bay area show I'll ride without them. I think that tour just feels so magical that you don't think anything bad will happen to you, but many other incidents (such as when three people in the band Exploding Hearts died) prove that this isn't true. Bands, make sure your vans have seatbelts! I know, I sound mom-style but too bad.

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Christian said...

Michelle Cable was in the van with DMBQ and sustained pretty serious head injuries too. She was a SF transplant who published a music zine called Panache--kind of an A&K-type thing.