Thursday, November 03, 2005

I eat, you reap the benefits

I only had one day off, but I did a lot of eating, so get ready (and for those of you who think this is a bit excessive, keep in mind I register in at a lean 2% body fat***)

Friday night: I was doing some late night eating, so I decided to try Ink again for the first time. I once tried a tuna melt and mac and cheese there and remembered it as pretty good. This time smiller got the mac and cheese add hot dog (because he cannot resist ANYTHING with a hot dog added to it) and I got the boca with grilled mushrooms and fries. A word about the ambiance: it's all right (stunningly descriptive) with stupid tattoo flash art crap around and at around 9:30 it wasn't too crowded or obnoxious, although I'm pretty sure it gets heinously packed with drunk people on weekend nights especially after the bars close. Scott's food was more like hot dog cheese soup and was pretty flavorless, I thought. The mac and cheese seemed completely different from the tasty baked stuff that I remembered. However, my boca may be the best fake burger to be had downtown. It was really meaty and the bun was all grilled and buttery. The fries were kinda shoestring style, I said nay, miller said yay.

After this late night meal I of course awakened ravenously hungry and we rode bikes to Nopalitos. You probably have not eaten there because they have terrible hours, especially for nine to fivers, but you should try. They serve breakfast monday-fri from 6-1045 and lunch from M-F maybe until 2? 3? Lunch is really good, but the breakfast is even better. What's the thing you got, Scott, some cactus thing? It was like a breakfast relleno and it was so fucking delicious. I got a breakfast burrito with chorizo that was very good, especially with their excellent salsa, but I was a wee bit disappointed that the chorizo was overly salty and didn't have the spicy taste I expect from chorizo (my therapist always says that I need to stop putting chorizo on a pedestal).

Later, after some dinner debate, we decided to drive to Vientianne. If you haven't tried this place you are missing out, big time. The number one dish you must order is the stuffed chicken wings. They are stuffed with a delectable mixture of garlicky ground pork and jelly noodles and served with a fiery sweet sauce. As detailed by Ella last week, there are numerous delicious items on their menu. And it's so cheap. The whole meal with beer for two was barely more than I usually spend on sushi just for me. I never have room, but all of the three dessert items they have are just about the best desserts ever. They are combos of either mango, coconut ice cream (which I suspect may be housemade) and sweet sticky rice.

***This is a complete lie.


Rosalitahead said...

I now understand why you are always so busy, you are eating most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better place for chorizo than on a pedestal.

I take it back. My mouth is the best place for chorizo. Pedestals will have to wait in line.

Anonymous said...

Me, Ben Jake and Bridget are going to a Laotian place in Lowell this weekend! i'm really excited cuz they say it's super good and the food is made by somebodies mom. I'll report back with details.

Also, Becky, Ben and I rented a movie on Ingmar Bergman's recommendation (said it was one of his favorite movies), it's called Nowhere in Africa. It was pretty good, you should check it.


DB said...

I saw that one at the Crest, it's pretty good. I think it won the Best Foreign Film Oscar.

Anonymous said...

..the end of that perfect eveing would have been cocktails at Brownies Lounge with your truely. and maybe my new buddy george whom I met there. He says he has a good looking son whom I'd have a lot in common with.


Anonymous said...

Do me a favor. Don't pump Vientianne that much. It has been one of my favorite spots for years. If everyone knows about it, I won't be the cool guy who "turned you on to it."

The stuft wings rock. The green papaya salad and a cold beer are the perfect lunch on a Sac summer day.

Anonymous said...

True, there was a line out the door last night.


beckler said...

And the valet was so busy that I had to park my own Benz.

Anonymous said...

The complimentary appletinis while you wait is a nice touch.