Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy turkey day, turkeys!

I have just been instructed to go home for the day so I will post a couple more things to keep you occupied for 4.5 seconds.

I like this ad.

And I love this ad. This guy is a catch. He just looks fun. There's no other word for it.

This one is a bit cringe-worthy. I don't think that herpes is such a big deal that he has to mention it in his ad. Wouldn't he be better off just trying to see if they hit it off and later telling her? If you believe those celebrex ads there's a one out of three chance she would have it anyway.

What title? Let's see, how about "do you like demanding assholes that think the way to attract a woman is to write a personal ad with a rude, abrupt tone?"

ok, that was weak and what am I still doing here? Someone just hit my blog googling "rubicon thanksgiving bike ride". Some poor dork that isn't cool enough to find out where it starts, or maybe an SN&R writer looking to bust it out?


Anonymous said...

Yes, you should mention that you have herpes when you're looking around. Otherwise, you hit it off, everything goes great and then you mention you've got herpes. He dumps you and you're forced to show up at his house with a box of pansies for the little shit.

charlieb said...

Hey if you have Tourette's and Herpes, maybe you just can't stop yourself from shouting out the latter. Better to get it out in your online ad than to holler "I've got Herpes you wetback" during your first movie date.

beckler said...

yeah, i didn't mean he shouldn't disclose it, I just questioned whether it had to be in the heading and also if you notice he doesn't really say anything positive about himself, so why would anyone answer the ad?

Anonymous said...

HG, did you really show up at that dudes house with a box of pansies? That's the best!