Monday, November 28, 2005

xmas party date change? yay or nay?

Hopefully I will be posting some pictures soon from the Daisy Spot/Bananas show on friday but I decided to ask Amy P. before I stole them so I'm waiting to hear back. She's in med school so I'm sure she's not busy and she probably checks her email all the time.

I'd like to hear about the Poinsettia trip if anyone who went is reading.

The Rubicon bike ride was off the chain. I'd say between 3-4 hundred people were there. There was meat, beer, dogs, babies, crusties, mardi gras beads, old dudes, young punks, slackers, stoners, burnouts, doctors, lawyers, and what have you. In short, it was Sac in a nutshell and I loved it. Riding the wrong way en masse down N street was the highlight for me.

Then I staggered in a haze over to Thanksgiving dinner at Gillie's which was delicious and fun. She had lots of weird liquor that I was smart to stay away from. About midway through eating my plate of food I felt really nauseous and had to go lay down. It's embarassing (yes i know i probably spelled that wrong) when you eat so much that you make yourself sick.

In a bit I will post a playground review of the new playground in southside park, but for now I have some important business. A few folks can't hang with the December 23rd date for the xmas party and Katy is contemplating moving it to the 16th. She is soliciting responses to this idea. My response is that it would probably be best not to change it because I would guess there will be a whole new set of people who can't make it on the 16th, but I can go to either day so I won't care all that much.


Rosalitahead said...

I agree, keep the party where it is, people who can't make it? Oh well, moving it for everyone who can't come means Christmas in July.

-Scrooge McParty.

p.s. you looked very classy during your post turkey nap, not embarassing at all.

Anonymous said...

Dec 16th is the Rose Melberg/Finches show which most likely will be at Mike Ross' barn or possibly at Fools. I don't know if that's enough of a reason not to move it or anything. Selfishly, I'm helping put this show on so I think it'd be a drag if I couldn't make the Christmas party.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the December 23rd date, mainly because I'm flying in at 7 PM on the 16th, and my mom might not let me go out that night (although, sounds like I'll be sneaking out for that Finch's show anyway).


beckler said...

Yeah, please don't make it the same day as the Finches/Rose Melberg show!!!!!! We need to spread out the fun in sac, not concentrate it all in one day. And I'm sure the party hosts would be bummed to miss this show, it's gonna be great.

Anonymous said...

I can't look at photos at work, did Amy post the "Sport It!" contest where everyone won?

I have written the Christmas party in ink on Dec. 23rd, so that's how it's got to be. You can't erase ink!

G Bomb

Alice said...

if we're gonna keep it on the 23rd we'll all have to shout out a toast to those who can't make it. summer, jason, camille, vann(!!), olsen and some other people who i can't remember right now.

yeah, moving it would be a pain. it really wouldn't work--especially cause then scott wouldn't be able to come which would knock out both former residents. but katy and i wanted to check with ya'll just in case since some really important people are going to miss it and that just sucks. it feels kinda wrong throwing the party when vann can't make it.

any ideas on how we can make it up to the folks who can't come?

Anonymous said...

Poinsettia Trip was really good. Excellent weather for two days then pretty cold and a feeble attempt at snow. It melted by 11 am. One day had hurricane force winds, which was not so hot, but we did some modifications to the saloon, of a sturdy and impenetrable nature, and then just started drinking. Built a fire in there and cooked over it. mmm. I have to say that if you guys could have peeked in the window of cabin number two, as we sat down to Thanksgiving Dinner, you probably would have teared up. It was beautiful. Long table inside, with a red checked cloth and candles and old lanterns and the most mouth watering fire roasted turkey you ever ate, with all the fixings. It was downright heart warming. We also saw the brightest rainbow after the feeble snow thing happened. It arched right behind town, from cabin one over that little rock outcropping thing where Beckler saw her rattlesnake spirit guide and ended at cabin two. It was magical, no kidding either. There was some dramatic car trouble, but not our cars thank god. Everything turned out well in the end. We even got a mechanic to come to that janky dirt road to fix a companions car on site. Nice! Happy Thanksgiving!


Unknown said...

i think beckler, you simply had a case of "the vapors". it sounds way classier.

ok, i think the 23rd it is. just wanted to verify the date one more time. and really, Vann can't make it pretty much any date we choose. party pooper.

there's a maybe pre-party date being set. mellow, rad, but all holiday.

beckler said...

glad you had a good time ella! the turkey sounds delicious! i didn't get any leftovers so i'm actually craving turkey right now. well, turkey and heroin. ha a dumb drug joke that's a new one.

Anonymous said...

Damn - the one chance I have to go to a big party where I just have downstairs to get home...