Tuesday, November 08, 2005

low standards

All this guy asks is that you're a biological female. That's it. You can be tall, short or crazy. What if someone who's tall AND crazy wants to email him. Just an example.

And then there's this guy, who can't find any "real" women. Where are these guys hanging out? Trannytown?*

*worst joke of the day (so far)


Anonymous said...

speaking of trannies, have you seen Amanda Lepores new bronzed look?


I know how you appreciate bad plastic surgery Beckles!
See you soon!


beckler said...

wow! that makes me hungry for bbq. my sister has a picture with amanda lepore. i hear we'll be hanging out with heckamax's sister in ny!

Anonymous said...

apparently heckamax thinks heckamad is trying to steal all his friends! but yeah i'll get her to come out with us.