Friday, November 04, 2005

Chilis, Too review

Hi. My name's Heckasac and I've just been at the airport for about three hours. Why? Well, I'm not at liberty to say but it is work related and my stomach is now a hot cauldron of rage and stomach acid that churns as it attempts to digest my overpriced lunch from the Chilis Too in the airport food court. Did you know that there is such a thing as Chilis, Too? I didn't either until today and I never dreamed that I would be eating there and reviewing it for you right now. I chose Chilis, Too because my other choices were: Cinnabon, TCBY, Jave City, and Starbucks. You may have noticed that all these places are alike in that they don't serve lunch. I hadn't planned on eating lunch at the MOTHERFUCKING AIRPORT (excuse that outburst), but as I was quite hungry, Chilis, Too was my only option. I scanned the sad, sad menu and decided on a black bean burger with fries. Mmm...fries. Much better than the leisurely lunch of a tofu salad that I had planned on eating before I knew I had to spend three hours at the SONUVABITCHING AIRPORT (there I go again!). This rubbery concoction was only about oh, 9 dollars. And the lunch got even more expensive because I was forced to buy an extra large beer at the bar in the food court so that I would not go insane and immediately quit my job. Just kidding, I love my job. I'll never quit. So if you find yourself with say, 2 or 3 INTERMINABLE HOURS AT THE AIRPORT, I recomment that you give Chilis, Too a try.

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Anonymous said...

People can get a rubbery concoction anywhere...they come to Chili's Too for the people and the atmosphere.