Thursday, November 10, 2005

smell ya later!

I'm out the door here, most people have left for the neuroscience meeting so nothing's really going on. I might post from DC, but I doubt it. More likely that I'll post from NY. I'm going to Peter Lugar's for lunch when I'm in NY, so that's exciting. That's a steakhouse in Brooklyn that's been around for over 100 years and some think it's the best steak in the country. They are one of only two places that dry age their steak for (I think) like 6 weeks? 10 weeks? I can't remember. My only other set eating plans are the aforementioned dinner at Butter, where I will be hanging with Lohan, Jay-Z, the Olsens, and hopefully a Greek shipping heir or two, and an afternoon in Chinatown eating dim sum and whatever else I can get my hands on. And I'm going to that "obsessive drawing" exhibit at the Folk Art museum. And blah blah like you care.

I'm going to that Mt. Eerie show tonight at FF despite the warnings that the guy takes his shirt off. And that's a bad thing? Enjoy your three day weekend if you get one!


Anonymous said...

In case anyone cares, I didn't like Little Wings at all when they played Metro but I did wander in to a Brother Daniellson show when I was in London last year & I really dug the opening band but didn't know who they were. When they were done they said "thanks, we're Little Wings" and I was totally all "no way!". So yeah, I think they got better.


Anonymous said...

You have made the right decision to eat at Peter Lugars. You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

This sounds gross, but it's really good. Try to find yourself a "whistling steak". So green it whistles. It's kind of like they let the steak rot and scrape off the mold before cooking.

Anonymous said...

I went to the obsessive drawing exhibit last Sunday and it was pretty neat. Those people are really, pretty crazy.

--Madeline (aka Heckamax's little sister)

Anonymous said...

yeah the obsessive drawing thing rules. small, but great. check out the fake woodgrain finishes exhibit upstairs, too. reminds me of the living room of that house in sac next to the light rail tracks, where smiller and ella lived in the mid-90's. they use these crazy comb things to create fake wood grain.

Anonymous said...

I photographed all the fake woodgrain in that house before I moved. It was all throughout the house. I heard that it was destroyed by a later rockabilly tennant. I wonder if that's true.
Man, that was some excellent fake wood!