Tuesday, February 07, 2006

bonus post

This just in: I have independent confirmation that the Armeniac said "the feeling's new name is Sophia". So there!

This is a bonus, slightly drunken post, because I have wednesday off and will be using it to prepare for the aforementioned, Persian themed feast cooked by my personal chef that I will tell you about on thursday. Me and smiller went to the Waterboy tonight and spent my Christmas bonus plus some and it was so good! I don't want to bore you with the details but let me just say that for a change money was no object so we definitely lived it up as far as the wine list was concerned. We ended with a 1985 Warres vintage port and a glass of banyuls with chocolate brioche pudding. The other standout was the roast squab (damn dirty pigeon!)
with preserved cherries, pine nuts, and foie gras toast. OK, it sounds like a weird combo and it is, but it meshed really well. I love that place. These three posh little kids tried to get a table before us. Picture this little girl's outfit: striped deck shoes, white pedal pushers, Polo sweater over a polo shirt with a popped collar. And getting a table for themselves at like eight at night!

Other than that I have heard that there is a Port Costa extravaganza this weekend that I may take part in and that there is a Smiths cover show coming up at Ironsides? This is the first I have heard of it but I guess that Sophia is playing, among others. Heckamax, do you want Bright Ideas to play that Lyme Regis Knock Knock show or what? Hook it up!


Anonymous said...

"No comments yet" it so matter-of-factly reads above the little magic post box I am now populating. Most of the heckaposting occurs in the daypart when I usually can't join in the banter and fun. And now here I am, tabula rasa, with the stress of possibly being the first poster to this rare latenight bonus heckatreat and with nothing profound to say. While, amazingly, I have not yet been to the Waterboy, I do know that Port Costa is great. What's the hootenany goin on down there this weekend? And glad to hear that that Smiths gig is finally happening -- I spied a flyer for that thing about four months ago somewhere downtown and it didn't seem serious. That new Morrissey album cover is so perfect; hopefully the song titles live up to the standard he has set. And what's with Johnny Marr now working with Modest Death Cab (which one is it?!).

Letterman has Beyonce on as a guest right now but I'm wondering why he doesn't seem to be doing the usual fawning he does when he has a hot female guest on the show?! C'mon, Dave, it's Beyonce!! He definitely must be feeling under the weather.

- Dave

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...Banyuls. So good! That's great that Waterboy has that. How was the vintage port? You could order it by the glass? That seems strange. I know you won't be answering any of these questions since you have the day off...Miller? Are you there?


Anonymous said...

Like I said,

I'm gonna call up Jer on my celly to try and hook up the Bright Ideas for the Bearhead/Lyme Regis show.

No KNockers on that one.


Anonymous said...

How does one go about getting on that Smiths show?


Anonymous said...

Stop eating meat, act "gay."


Anonymous said...

Duh, Patrone would be Andy Rourke, who Morrissey abandoned at the breakfast table for ordering bacon.


Anonymous said...

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Not Mattias Bombal


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Anonymous said...

my name is NOT jeffrey!

Anonymous said...

sorry. was that rude? i really don't like the name jeffrey. for me. all due respect to all jeffreys out there, it just ain't for me.

it's not that i am unsure of what my company is playing... i subscribe to the same email list. but i think the new york list is new york specific, whereas the bay area has many many more landmark theatres. nevertheless, one would expect to have heard of more of the foreign nominees just by living in new york alone. i guess i was trying to say that it must have been a shitty year for foreign films. i am so sick of hearing about 'paradise now' and i have heard it really sux. i haven't seen cache yet. i heard it was great but got snubbed by oscar on a technicality. too bad.


beckler said...

Dude, is the conformist really going to be coming to Tower? For reals? That's fantastic!

Hi Michele-
I'm back. Yeah, I only knew to order a glass of banyuls cuz of you, and then after I started sipping it I thought of how well it went with chocolate and I was forced to order a chocolate dessert, which was scrump and which we got for free because it took like ten seconds for the server to notice I wanted to order more and he felt bad! And then he comped the vintage port because there was too much sediment in the bottom! So nice!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that Waterboy is a class act!

I am still puzzled by the fact that they opened a bottle af vintage port just to pour one glass, and clearly didn't decant either. But, it worked out well for Miller!

But yeah, Banyuls does go well with chocolate, unlike most wines. Remember how good Nick's souffle was???