Wednesday, February 15, 2006

sexxeeee post

My last post was met with a collective yawn and I don't really blame you. I'm yawning, too, believe me, especially since it's smiller's stupid day off and I can't email him. So I'll entertain you with a sexxeeee post-valentine's day post. Did you know there is going to be a sac suicide girls-type website? I might have more to say on this subject, we'll see. I've heard something else about it, but I have to get the facts first before I post. There is a debate going on on sacrag about the sexxeee Peta protest in front of the Hard Rock yesterday. That last comment from "runnergirl" is nuts. Yeah. Creepy hand dancing. That pretty much sums up the beauty and talent of Tatiana. And for something that's actually sexy, here's a scan of a 1977 Victoria's Secret catalog. Lingerie was so much better in the 70's (except for Eres, which I will never be able to affor). And why could they show nipples in 1977 and not today? Isn't that strange? When did we become afraid of nipples? The Victoria's secret catalogs now just look weird because whenever there's a sheer bra they airbrush the nips out and the model looks even more like a doll.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's that same girl who bagged on Daisy Spot when she saw them a couple months ago. The first time I just figured, hell, she doesn't like the band, it's not her style, whatever...but her bringing it up again makes it seem like she really has something against them!

It's so wierd to hear someone bag on a person that we all love and admire, both musically and personally! I love Tatiana's dance style, I've always thought it wsa super tight and original. I'd like to see runnergirl on the dance floor, see how beyond reproach her moves are.


Anonymous said...

One: screw PETA. No amount of beautiful naked women can take away from the fact that they are lying murderers of adoptable animals. Anyone with a beef with them is equated with the National Socialist Party. Fuck 'em.

Second: Tatiani and Mike have something truly original going on. I really dig their stuff. If Tatiana creeps people out, at least she's making an impression. There are plenty of interchangeable singers out there. Runnergirl has a problem with her "hand dancing"? I guess I'll have to go tell Tati that she ought to do the I-gotta-pee-so-bad-so-that's-why-I-dance-like-this routine like Edie Brickell use to do. . Daisy Spot is a local treasure. I, for one, would be ecstatic if they had huge hit songs on the radio. Their songs should sell cars for all I care. I'd be a little jealous if they were huge, but the rest of the country needs some good fucking tunes and DS might be the solution to bad pop.

Rant over.


Anonymous said...

My guess is she was just doing a call back, meaning it as a joke more than any kind of bagging, but I'm still amazed that anyone can be anything less than in love with Tatiana, both as a stage persona and as a wonderful person off stage.
Oh well.

Anonymous said...

"they are lying murderers of adoptable animals"
Ed, where do you get that from? Not disputing, just curious.

Anonymous said...

i think we've all seen the nipple on runnergirl's soul

Stephen Glass said...

Lingerie was much better in the 70s, just by generally being classier. Which also goes for the advertising angle from 1977, it seems -- who now would ever suggest that Heidi Klum be holding a violin? Agent Provocateur are good sellers of the contemporary stuff as well, if one can foot the bill for the shipping from the old country.
As for the fear of nipples, that one seems sadly obvious.

Unknown said...

77' is so hot.

i watched Urban Cowboy last night and i was so thinking that.

Heckasac, what's up with the gauzy haze over 70's photos, film and pornos? how do they do that?!

Anonymous said...

> "they are lying murderers of
> adoptable animals"
> Ed, where do you get that from? Not
> disputing, just curious.
> klj

The excerpt below is just one example.

Sacramento Appreciation Society of San Francisco


By TONY GERMANOTTA, The Virginian-Pilot
© June 18, 2005 | Last updated 1:26 AM Jun. 18

At least one county in North Carolina has cut its relationship with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals after two PETA workers were arrested Wednesday for allegedly dumping animal carcasses into a trash container behind a grocery in Ahoskie , N.C.

“As of today, we have temporarily suspended our agreement with PETA until the issues are resolved,” Sue Gay, health director for Northampton County, said Friday evening.

Police suspected that PETA workers were killing the dogs and cats they were picking up from shelters and clinics because carcasses wrapped in plastic bags were found in the bins every Wednesday for four straight weeks, according to Ahoskie police Detective Jeremy Roberts. A total of 80 dead animals were dumped, he said.

Officers staked out the garbage bins, which were at a Piggly Wiggly supermarket.

They found 18 dead dogs in the container and 13 other animal carcasses in the van, which was registered to PETA, and arrested the two workers.

The animals were alive when they were picked up earlier in the day, Roberts said, adding, “We don’t know exactly how they were killed.”
In Norfolk PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said Friday that the way the animals were disposed was “hideous, it’s wrong, and it never should have happened.”

Newkirk said they were likely given a lethal injection of a barbiturate that the organization is licensed to use.

PETA usually takes the animals back to Norfolk to be euthanized, Newkirk said, in a process that involves a single hypodermic shot and a gentle caress.

Very few are ever put up for adoption, she said.

“We won’t shy away from doing society’s dirty work as long as the alternative is a life of misery and a bad or slow death,” Newkirk said.

Last year, she said, 2,278 animals were euthanized in Virginia, 7,641 sterilized and 361 put up for adoption. She said she was not sure if the North Carolina animals were part of those statistics.

Animals were not supposed to be killed in North Carolina, except by veterinarians hired by the organization or if they were in too much pain to travel, PETA said.

After they are killed, Newkirk said, the carcasses are supposed to be sent to a crematorium, not dumped in bins.

Anonymous said...

Dear President,
Sacramento Appreciation Society of San Francisco

You're correct about the story being the tip of the iceberg. Even if it is kind of a fluff job compared to other reports about the same incident, it is still a damned ugly story.

For more, all that is needed is to google PETA. The stories have been out there for a few years now. How Pam Anderson can still shill for them is beyond me. They euthanize 86% of the cats, dogs and bunnies they take in. The people who turn the pets over to them don't know that the killing starts as the van rolls away. Newkirk's stats are 100% bullshit. That they are cooked numbers can be verified up and down and all around. But hey, eating bacon is akin to gassing Jews, so what do I know?

I guess "the story is over but my (rant) ain't done."

Ed Ed Cool J

Anonymous said...

Here ye' Here Ye'

Do not ruin a post about lingerie and sacto nudi rumours with the blood of innocent animals or something like that.

Now, to ruin a post about lingerie and sacto nudi rumours for a rant about charities

Notice to all:

99 percent of charities asking for money don't do crap for anything.

This means peta, this means walking/jogging/running/flying/crawling for cancer.

Want to donate and/or help, Why not shriners who has dotted this country with actual physical buildings called hospitals for kids with cancer and burns to go to for FREE treatment or join the fucking sea shepherds who actually have pictures of them doing actual action ta save animals or something.

Stephen Glass said...

I'll field the one on the gauzy haze of the late 70s, just for the hell of it, amid this talk of PETA -- that period of time did seem to be a heyday for it all. The "vaseline on the lens" look was the de rigeur for shooting leading ladies back in the 30s and 40s in Hollywood (in just about every damn closeup), and there seemed to be carryover/revial in the 1970s for giving all matter of things, be it Jack Horner-style pornos or fashion shoots, the kind of treatment with a diffusion filter on the lens that made everything look a little bit like that hazy-around-the-edges look a dream or flashback sequence might have on "Guiding Light" a decade later. But since all this stuff was on 35mm film rather than video or low-grade photo stock, it stamps it with a great, definitive look from the time. '77 is sexy indeed, I agree.

Anonymous said...

Re lingerie, there's no need to pay for shipping for Agent Provocateur; bridge toll is all that's required, as they've opened up a boutique in San Francisco (54 Geary St).

beckler said...

are you kidding me? that's still waaayyyy too expensive. and that lingerie is more 40's and 50's than 70's. I blame PETA. They're the reason I can no longer get my favorite mink panties.