Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I'm taking this blog on hiatus. I'll see how I feel when I get back from Mexico in mid-April and if I don't miss it, that's it. Otherwise, I'll be screwing with the content and maybe change the name. I'll definitely be limiting the scope of my posts. It has gotten out of hand. I feel like it's a monster now. I just started it as a time-waster for me and my friends. Now I'm starting to hate it. I don't need to be losing sleep at night, wondering if I came off as pretentious or arrogant or bitchy or mean. I have a hard enough time controlling the impression I make with people off of the internet. I've damaged some friendships unintentionally also, which really bums my trip. BUT, keep in mind this is no big deal, this is a dumb little blog, me taking it down is not a triumph of ignorance over free speech or any crap like that. I am a teeny bit sad about it because some mornings I come in really excited to write a restaurant review or a movie review or something, but if I want to I will keep writing those when I get back, because they don't tend to piss anyone off. I just can't say whatever I want anymore, cuz too many people are reading so the fun is gone for me. It's funny, I started this post off with the sentence "this is gonna feel great", but then when I got to the end of writing this I didn't feel so great so I deleted that. And I keep delaying hitting "publish post". Oh well. Here I go.