Friday, February 24, 2006

movie news

Cache is still at the Crest for at least another week, so go see it. And if you hate it you can curse me.

Tower opened The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, which I want to see.

Speaking of Tower, there is a management shake-up going on there and the general manager has resigned. There could be big changes in store for the staff at the Tower. I hope none of them are bad.

The Barnesyard is still on hiatus, although DB swears it will be back soon. I hope so, but now he has a rival, at least on the local film blog front. It's called film for tourists and I don't know who writes it, but I like what I've read so far.

Kabinet is screening Metropolis this sunday. I just noticed this comment from earlier this week in response to my call for an Altman film fest:

Ask and ye shall receive...I had originally planned something completely different for April, but I'm nothing if not flexible -- and I'm eager to see THIEVES LIKE US again myself. So how's Sunday April 2nd work for you...?There are loads of Altman films available on DVD, so rather than a month-long fest of his work alone, I think I'll simply whet folks' appetites, and hope they'll seek out more of his films on their own. But throughout April, I'll be featuring a number of maverick directors under the umbrella theme "American Outlaws." Besides Altman, we'll be screening films by John Cassavetes, Monte Hellman, Sam Peckinpah, and Buster Keaton. Hope this sounds like an appealing program...And please don't forget that this Sunday, February 26th, we'll be closing out our tribute to Fritz Lang with a screening of METROPOLIS -- featuring a live, improvised score by INSTAGON! The show starts at 8pm, at HQ on the corner of 25th and R. The March calendars will be available then as well...(Hope this won't get buried, as the original post has fallen quite far down the page. And to the propietor(s) of apologies if you'd rather not have such blatant promotions on your site. Any chance you could give me an e-mail address so I could send you updates? Then you could make the call as to whether or not you wanted to post them...)
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DB said...

The Barnesyard will be back on Friday, March 3...take it to the bank.

Stephen Glass said...

It may not be festival-worthy, but Altman's "O.C. and Stiggs" answers the question "what if Robert Altman directed a 1980s teen comedy?"

Anonymous said...

> Besides Altman, we'll be screening
> films by John Cassavetes, Monte
> Hellman, Sam Peckinpah, and Buster
> Keaton.

Wow...sounds great. Does screening this mean you're screening "Two Lane Black Top" then?

And which Peckinpah title?

Sacramento Appreciation Society of San Francisco

DB said...

For the record, Altman's "Thieves Like Us" is an OK film, but it doesn't come within hollering distance of Nick Ray's brilliant "They Live By Night", adapted from the same novel.

Anonymous said...

Woah! I've been trying to track down "They Live By Night" to no avail...maybe you can explain the whole 'Film Gris' concept to me, DB...

- patrone

beckler said...

I've never heard anyone raving about thieves like us but I just want to see every shelly duvall/altman movie possible.

DB said...

It's certainly worth a look.

DB said...

Also, "They Live By Night" plays on TCM periodically. I think I might have it on VHS as well.

DB said...

I just checked the TCM site, and Nick Ray's "They Live By Night" is playing next on March 29 at 4 a.m.

Anonymous said...

I've wanted to see 'They Live by night' for years... it's supposed to be great. Who's (Dave Smith)got cable and will let me come over to their house that night (Dave Smith)?

on another note, 'Two Lane Blacktop' was the only dvd that the crackheads stole when they broke into the house. Good taste, i guess.

Stephen Glass said...

Good for them. Sometimes good taste in cinema is what eventually drives people to crack use as a steady vocation.

Stephen Glass said...

Beckler, the just make sure to see "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" in all its revisionist western glory, even tho' Shelly's role is small compared to other Altman movies in comparison.
And Connie would probably like "Brewster McCloud," given all the avian action.