Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New Edokko same as Old Edokko?

I tried New Edokko last night, and it gets a sideways thumb from me so far. To be honest, I would probably have just said that it's not very good if so many people hadn't chimed in to say they like it. And we ran into Jessica, Rosemary and Nicola there and Rosemary said she eats there frequently, so I'll give it another chance. The fact that I can walk to it quickly makes me really want to like it. I had planned on getting the challenge ramen but I wanted more than just chicken in my ramen so I went for the chanpon men. This was a ramen that was touted as containing pork, shrimp, squid, fish cake and vegetables in pork broth. I ordered it because I wanted a sampling of the various ingredients. It wasn't until after was done eating that I realized that my chanpon men actually only contained pork and three medium-sized shrimp. Lame! I would have said something to the server but I forgot what the menu had promised. The vegetables weren't too exciting, either and the cuts of pork were fatty. The selection of veggies was heavily weighted towards canned bamboo shoots, which are nasty as hell. To me they smell (and subsequently, taste) like pee. I'm making the ramen sound worse than it was. Once I added some of the pepper flakes on the table, which balanced out the flavor of the broth, it was OK. That was eight bucks and it was quite filling. GW got a roll that I can't remember the name of that was crab salad with raw tuna and green roe on top. New Edokko likes the crazy colors. I assume the roe was dyed and it looked a little unsettling. I expected it to taste minty or something. She said her roll was pretty good, but for 9.50 it should have been bigger or had fancier ingredients. I'm not sure how the other ladies enjoyed their meals. Two of them got the I Love You roll, which had a pink soy wrapper. I had a piece and the overwhelming flavor was sugar, which is a little weird for sushi. It had some sort of avocado fish salad inside and was pretty mushy with mayo. They have a decent selection of affordable sake. So this is not a slam, but it didn't impress me. I want to go back and try more of the noodle dishes, including the challenge ramen.

Has anyone tried Sweetfinger restaurant? I haven't been there since it changed names and I think, owners. I'd like to try it but I'm wary. The sign outside is pretty funny. An amateur artist drew a hand gripping some food (I guess the hand represents the "sweet fingers") but it looks more like a crab claw. It was empty last night. And once again, Taste of Thai had about three times as many customers as Chada. I just don't get it.

Warning: rambling paragraph alert. I hope nobody is braving the restaurant crowds for Valentine's day. Worst day of the year to eat out. I guess Josh P. is cooking another meal in Sac and I got a last minute invite (well, smiller did) but I already have plans. I got the Molinari sausage for my pasta at Corti last night, and after work today I'm going to Taylors to have the excellent cheese mistress help me with a cheese course. The cheese selection at Taylors is much better than Cortis. Maybe no one is going to know what I'm talking about here (Ella?), but when I was getting some of that As Do Mar tuna (seriously the best) that I read about on the Cortis newsletter (which they NEVER CHANGE) they had this whole line of Gio's brand canned pate maybe like six different kinds (including lobster) that had the most amazingly designed cans. They were SO COOL LOOKING. My powers of description fail me, but I wish I was all technological and could take digital pictures and post them. There is nothing about thisbrand on the internet that I can find. I will just have to buy them all and display them somehow or have a pate party. In general the designs on all the canned fishes and pates are really rad. Boy this is a pretty exciting paragraph. Jesus.


Anonymous said...

you must try the ortiz yellowtail tuna in jars. it is pricey, but worth it. next time you are over I will open a jar.


Amelie said...

I'm making deep south hickory flavored oven bbq chicken tonight, no lines, no waits, no weird PDA.

I still say greenhaven edokko is yum, and someone else said it's not related ot other edokkos. It's at Riverside and Florin and you will be in yummed out salty savory bliss from #70.

Anonymous said...

If you want kick ass sushi grade tuna go to Oto's on Freeport.

Anonymous said...

Beckler, Lobster Pate! MMM! I gotta represent for William Rolle of Cafe Rolle on H street. His fois gras (duck not goose, hence its less expensive price) is fucking deeelish. I miss being able to get a $12 slice and making the best little dinner for two ever with that and a loaf of fresh grace baking french bread and an arrugula salad. heavenly. Ok, maybe I'd grill a steak too and split it. Liver rules, that's why pate is so good.


Anonymous said...

Yes, New Edokko is not unlike old Edokko except now they have a flat screen TV. Despite the fact that I watched a cock-a-roach walk lazily around the corner of the room one of the last times I ate there I still go from time to time. The challenge ramen is the shit and really good when you have a head cold.

As for Sweet Fingers, I'm a little iffy. I knew someone who had tummy trouble there but it was before the change in ownership so maybe its better now.

Anonymous said...

I second the "pate rules" sentiment! I love it in all it's forms: whether it's foie gras or the little butter-pat style they put on your table in Portugal. It's not just liver pate that's good though. Terrines of rabbit are the bomb, and my favorite of all is probably country pate, which undoutably has liver in it, but also pork meats of various sorts. It goes so good with an Alsatian Pinot Gris or Blanc. Perfect picnic food. Not that I should be thinking about picnics yet, Providence having just had a blizzard two days ago.


Anonymous said...

I love ramen! However, the Edokko's on Broadway is a disappointment since it changed ownership (maybe even a number of owners) a number of years back. If you're looking for a good bowl of ramen, I recommend the original Edokko's on Florin and Riverside (South Land Park/ Pocket neighborhood).

Anonymous said...


New Edokko is whack Eddokko, the O.G. one was way better.

I use to Love Chada, but soon the quality and consistency went all over the place. I found when the old lady was their, everything was crap, she would only break from chatting with her friends on the phone long enough, to run into the kitchen and tell the cooks not to make my food hot even though I requested thai hot and even voiced the words "Pet" to signify I know what the hell im talking about. I honestly think the lady has a "foo long" problem . With the exception of this wierd ass place across from McClellan AFB (oh yah - Pattaya cafe), good quality consistent Thai food is not to be found, unless you find the time to visit a wat or someshit during songkran (hey it's coming up actually). I hit up house of siam because its close, and they treat me good and understand I like the heat.

I'mo try Chada again though, cuz maybe it's back to where it was when I first started going their, man it sure use to be good.

The Wat Thai near Washington DC had the bombest food ever during this festival

P.S. The pattaya cafe is nothing in ambiance, so if you’re finicky, don't even try it.

Anonymous said...

Becky! I know, what the fuck is going on with Chada?! That is the weirdest thing that I've wondered about for about a year. Packed house at Taste of Thai and MAYBE one table at Chada. It's easy to think that a severed thumb was found in some batch of Panang Curry that they served up which everyone else heard about, but I've never gotten sick eating there and never found a thumb in any of their dishes. Or even a mouse head for that matter. It's just good food and they are nice people. At this point, I just want them to stay around so go to them vs. T.O.T. It's gotta be tough for the Chada family. They must walk out onto the sidewalk trying to peer through the steamed-up windows of the full house of their neighbor, and wonder what they're doing wrong. Hmmpf.


beckler said...

Maybe the tide will turn eventually. Taste of Thai does have better ambiance and the unheard of policy of allyoucandrink thai iced tea. I second the person that said Pattaya is the best. Now if only I could remember what it's called and how to get there when I'm in the mood for it!

Anonymous said...

One of them - Taste of Thai I think - has terrazzo floors which make me happy. It's a dumb reason to like a restaurant as it's completely unrelated to the grub but I'm a sucker for terrazzo.

In other Broadway restaurant news. What's the name of the Indian restaurant where Maharani used to be? Has anyone eaten there recently? The one time I went it was kinda gross but that was about a year ago.

Beth said...

Taste of Thai was there first and I love the crazy lady who runs the place and I can't get past my loyalty to them even though they are a little inconsistent these days. Pattaya Cafe is my favorite Thai food in the area but I never manage to get out there.

If the Indian restaurant you mean is Kathmandu, it's closed. We tried to go there a couple of weeks ago and it was completely gutted inside.

Unknown said...

Kathmandu isn't open yet, but as of Monday, it no longer has boards in the windows, a closed for business sign, or any other tell tale sign that it won't be opening for a long while.

beckler said...

what about the buffet next to the XO Lounge? Will it ever open? It promises an Asian buffet with, get ready for this, Italian too. Terrifying.