Friday, February 03, 2006

Why yes, yes I am

And remember, body type's not important however you should be thick but not fat. With rhymes like that he can afford to be picky.


Anonymous said...

"Baby I been watchin you for a awhile
Lovin the style and the way you floss that smile"

nasty, he watched her floss her teeth! stalker!

plus, he looks like jaime kennedy in that movie where he's a white rapper seeking acceptance.


Anonymous said...

often I am kept awake at night with the thought "am I thick. or fat?"
Is thick just chubby?

haunting stuff.

I wish it wasn't 8:35 saturday morning and I am at work.


Anonymous said...

best part:

"this is in or around natomas"

yeah, and i am still kinda drunk from last night.