Thursday, February 23, 2006


OK, we'll lay off poor Xtina. It's true, for a long time I thought Lohan's were fake, and Britney's too, but they have both gone through ch-ch-ch-changes that have made it clear that they're real.

Lunch at Mason's was quite good but next time I can afford it I'll go back for dinner. There's only so much you can do to a sandwich to make if worth 11-14 dollars. For that much it has got to be miles better than Sub Shack or Corti's and that's really hard. I got an open-faced BLT on focaccia with avocado, melted cheese and a gooey fried egg on top. It was delicious. The fries that came with were dry and chip-like and unexciting. GW got a hangar steak sandwich which was also good, but the meat wasn't as flavorful as she would have liked and the promised horseradish aoili was not near horseradishy enough. SMiller got some expensive, tiny, and very flavorful sea bass tacos.

We went to see Cache last night and although it has a very "say what?" ending it is thought-provoking and we were discussing it all night. Quite tense and gripping. I won't spoil anything, but the director uses a cinematic technique that ensures you pay close attention in every scene, much more so than I usually do in a movie. There is a strong racial subtext having to do with the past history of France and Algieria and current racism against Africans there today which I was somewhat oblivious to during the movie, but which became clear as I thought about it more. There's a great discussion of it on this imdb board, but only look at if you've seen the movie. It won't make sense otherwise and will ruin the movie.


fft said...

my fav scene in the film: when a north-african bicyclist almost hits auteuil, who lashes out at him. they fight, and binoche puts out the fire by suggesting "agree that you just didn't see each other." this perfectly sums up french/arab relations in france; i can see why it won a cesar for best picture.

Anonymous said...

If you enjoyed "Cache" you should check out one of Haneke's other films, "Code Unknown" It's a terrific film and it tackles some of the same issues of racism that come up in this new film.

Anonymous said...

Cortis has really gone down hill. Can I get a sandwich with a smile? Their prosciutto sandwich is the worst in town, it tastes like death. Subshack is no par.

beckler said...

It's true that the deli folk at cortis are grumpy as fuck. One guy was extremely rude last time I was there. But then a really nice lady made my sandwich. I think they are overworked and underpaid. What do you mean "subshack is no par"? I don't understand that. Is that good are bad.

Dani, thanks for the suggestion. I'll put it on my netflix