Wednesday, February 01, 2006

wired and tired

I am so wired on coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been making Peets at home lately but I decided to go in today and get my usual triple shot and I feel insane.

So The Feelings new name is Sophia, correct? Not Coco Shwa? What do you guys think about that? I know this has been a hard process for them. Paul said Sophia means wisdom or something in some language.

We watched the game at Dragonfly last night, which, if you can get a seat at the bar where the TV is not obscured by the hanging lights is an OK place to watch a game. It's really not that crowded most of the time, and they have Chimay and 1554 on draft. Their wine list is crap, however and way overpriced so I ended up getting a tiny, precious bottle of Moet for 12 bucks. It tasted so good that I can't be mad at the price. And those little bottles are at least a glass and a half. We split the Sacramento roll and even thought someone pointed out to me recently that those big rolls with sauce kinda taste the same no matter what the ingredients are, this one was unusually good. It freaks me out though because I checked my bank account today and I'm pretty sure the bartender padded his tip. I can't believe he would do that so it's probably that I was drunkenly generous.

The Kings looked good last night and they won after being up by a few points for the whole game. Bibby was confident, Artest got excellent penetration, which is nice, and that geeky guy with the funny haircut scored like 21 points. What's his name? They had hustle for a change.

The Bananas are playing Gilman this friday and they will have a few copies of their Nautical LP to sell. It's a limited edition put out by some Italian chick (I don't know the full story but maybe smiller can fill me in-ew that sounds dirty-oh i forgot it's his day off) but this guy in LA is going to put out all the albums on LP eventually so don't worry.

Shaun Slaughter posted on the DIY list that this saturday at Vicious (in Old I) Kid 606 is the guest DJ, which I guess is a big deal to some. I was trying to figure out what his deal is so I looked for his website which led me here to a TERRIBLE manga style illustration that is kinda NSFW and really doesn't make me want to go see him DJ. The site hasn't been updated in ages but in 2002 he was playing all over the world. I don't know, what I've heard about him sounds interesting.


Anonymous said...

I love Sophia!

Anonymous said...

man, i wish i was wired right now. i keep trying to drink my coffee while it is hot, but then someone asks me to make another copy or type another letter. rarr. i like the name sophia. wisdom in greek. i definitely like it better than Coco Shwa. -emily

Beth said...

The geeky guy is Kevin Martin. He is so skinny that he looks like a teenager around those other guys.

We used to watch games at either Old Tavern or the Pine Cove, and they both sucked so much that we gave in and got a satellite dish. Old Tavern just sucks in general and isn't close to home, and the Pine Cove is a block away but is full of people who like to yell "fag" at the TV screen.

Anonymous said...


Is it official?


Anonymous said...

Sophia sounds kind of girly doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Sophia - Adorable can, horrible champagne.

I like CoCo Schwa better.

Miss B

Anonymous said...

oh no! I love the old tavern, mostly since it's three blocks from my house and cheap. Round Corner usually has the game on too. Now that's a bar that sucks.

Unknown said...

i like Coco Schwa myself.

but what happened to TOSH? that was the best.

btw, i heard some rumor of Sunday night djing by Smiller at the Press? huh?

beckler said...

yeah, roger is trying to set something up.

did everybody catch that comment by jason d. about how he got the pooed-out coffee beans in 'nam? well, a close facsimile.

leon said...

kokomo schwa

werenotdeep said...

I'm coo coo for Cocoa Schwa.

Anonymous said...

My votes for
COCO SCHWAB (Yes with a B)

Anonymous said...

My votes for
COCO SCHWAB (Yes with a B)

werenotdeep said...

They drinkin' rum and Cocoa Schwa

Anonymous said...

Apparently we don't get a vote, in regards to Coco Schwa. It's not like we live in a democratic state or something. Why don't they just change their name to The Facists or Demagogues or Oligarrchs. (I didn't meant the two r's but since it happened, funny.)

Miss B

shaun said...


Kid 606 is actually playing live not guest Djing. He assures me that it will be way crowd friendly and fun....none of that wanking off behind a laptop for hours BS.

Yeah that illustration is HORRID.

Should be a fun fun night though.

Roger is starting a new night at Press called "Record Club". He has mentioned having guests from all over the spectrum and scene(s) including Scott.

I'm not super siked on Press Club considering their crazy door money taking policy and the SHADY ways they delt with Lipstick in the past. Buut they do have cheap ass beer.


If you haven't heard already a bunch of us are getting fridays back up and running at Townhouse in the next couple months...The night will be called "Daggers" and it will be a crazy fun revolving upstairs downstairs show having, DJ dance monster....bigger than "FUCK".

Thats all for now.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Roger & I have been talking about doing this for a while. It came a little out of the blue that we'd have to start this Sunday but I'll probably help out. Unfortunately the Press doesn't have turntables anymore (just CD players) which pretty much castrates my contribution - but we'll see. As far as it being lame at the Press, sure, the Press sucks & it's a Sunday night - but where else? I can't think of anywhere that has an open night that wants a night where the DJs are just playing "listening" music.