Thursday, February 16, 2006

good news, ladies!

It's now expected for you to fashionably freeze your ass off at all fucking times! Hee hee. For those that don't want to log in to the times, it's a style article about how women in New York are dressing like it's summer in the middle of winter just to be fashionable. One fashion bitch says, I don't care how warm an outfit is, I just care if it makes me look fat or thin. That sucks.


aliciakay said...

I think that the girls of NY are just plain confused, being that it is 60 degrees right now and I am walking around in short sleeves and 2 days ago I was bundling against a blizzard. It is too much for some people to handle, all these dramatic weather changes.

beckler said...

Wow, glad my blof came back. I was starting to break into a cold sweat. On re-reading this post I see that it is unclear that one should read the "hee hee" to oneself in a high-pitched, silly fashionista inflection. Still doesn't work that well, though. Even though I hate winter and having to dress for warmth and wearing socks, this article still pissed me off.

beckler said...

uh, my blog. my blof is still missing.