Tuesday, February 07, 2006

a message to kru

I am really busy today shaping young minds so I won't have that much time to post. Tomorrow I am having an absolutely absurd number of people over to my apartment for a big feast that is being prepared by a personal chef. It's this guy, Josh who was in Mukilteo Fairies and Behead the Prophet who now tours around cooking for people. The meals are really reasonably priced and I have heard the food is delicious. I am very, very excited about this. I have chosen the African influenced menu. Neon are hosting the next day and I'm going to that, too.

I wish someone from Kru would read this because I have advice for you: 1) drop the big plates section off your menu. My party and everyone else around us was eating sushi. No one is going to Kru to pay twenty dollars for a pork chop. They just aren't. 2) once you get rid of those big plates and you don't have to pay lots of money for the rack of lamb and other meat that no one is ordering and that is going to waste, drop your prices a bit. Your rolls (simple and crazy new style) are tastier than most around town, maybe the best in town, so you have that going for you. But 14 dollars for a roll that doesn't contain, say truffles or caviar or something? That's too much. All your rolls are one to three dollars overpriced and with so many sushi places to choose from downtown that can make a big difference when people are trying to decide where to go. 3) Another benefit of dropping the big plates is that it would give you an opportunity to expand your sushi menu. It doesn't need to be a book like Mikuni's but your fancy rolls are great and I wish there were more to choose from. There are only about 6 rolls. 4) your service is STILL pretty confused. It was like that when it opened and I thought you would figure it out, but like a year later your servers don't seem to know who is supposed to be doing what when. It wasn't that bad, but after all this time there's really no excuse. If Kru did those 4 things, I bet their business would pick up. This post is probably very boring for those who didn't eat at Kru last night, sorry.


Beth said...

Oh, you have to sit at the bar. Kru is a great place for pointing at whatever fish looks good and saying, "I want that." Then the sushi guys (who are also smoking hot, which is important in a sushi guy) might ask you how you want it, and you can say, "Surprise me," and it will be fabulous. That always turns out to be the cheapest way to eat at Kru, too. One time they made us this thing with apples and those little red twig things and I don't even remember what the fish was but it was way more amazing than apples and fish and red twigs has any right to be. I don't think they charged us for that one, either.

The menu is really thin but they will make you anything, and if you don't know what you want they will make something up and it will be really, really good.

Anonymous said...

Is it too petty to comment on Kru's over-icing of soft drinks? I felt like a jackass having the server "refill" my soda every time he walked by as each round was really only 4 or 5 fluid ounces of sugary goodness. Oh, and can we all agree that Miso soup and edamame should be included at no charge at any sushi restaurant? You're paying $14 for a roll already, right? Help us, help you.


beckler said...

We did get free edamame, in fact they gave us three bowls of it. That was a big plus. I agree about the miso but that's rare. Beth, I will trust you on the sushi bar thing next time. I would have been afraid that it would be a million bucks because of the high prices but on your recommendation I'll give it a try because I think their sushi is exceptionally good.

Anonymous said...

As someone who just wants to go to a sushi place and eat simple delicious rolls made with quality
ingredients I say down with the fancy roll!!
Sorry, I know its a dumb unpopular thing to say but those fuckers really get out of hand.


Anonymous said...

Just like I love Zelda's but don't think of it as pizza, I enjoy a fancy roll but don't think of it as sushi. I'm stubborn that way.

Miss B

Anonymous said...

My fancy roll at Kru, the "Cindy Roll," was really, really good. I recommend sharing it, as it is expensive and heavily fried (but somehow light and crunchy).


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with food, but the US Army charged a soldier $700 for body armor that was blown off him in a roadside bombing.



Anonymous said...

LCD got totally dissed at the grammies!

beckler said...

Oh no way! I meant to check.