Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Arena deal is D.O.A.

According to the Bee, the deal for a privately funded arena is dead:
This is not surprising, considering the unreasonable demands that the King's owners were making. Graswich had a quote from a city council member yesterday that said there is no way a Wal-Mart can be built in that spot downtown because the city controls the parking garage. I'm beginning to think that all the council's grandiose plans will fail and maybe the city will just remain the pleasant city that it is and they won't be able to ruin it no matter how hard they try. I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up.

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Anonymous said...

You never can tell... one minute a deal is dead, the next minute a panicked City Council or some other superhero will step up to save the day.

If the Maloofs finally get impatient and leave town like bratty children who pick up all their marbles when things don't go their way, tough luck. That Sacramento should become another victim to the greed and corruption so prevalent in the business of "professional" sports should come as no surprise either...