Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Viva Biba!

OK, so I know I said I was too busy and now I'm writing an entry like ten minutes later. I'm just toying with you! I almost just crashed my computer at the remote location because I tried to open the new David Cross PETA add that shows his butt. Glad no one walked in. Well, you need a code to get into my bunker anyway.

Today that soldier effigy in Land Park is front page news at the Bee. The Bee mentions national attention brought by bloggers, among others, and someone from the SacBee checked my blog twice yesterday. Coincidence? The Bee may be trying to appear objective, but they took a clearly anti-effigy stand. Even the headline takes a stance, "Anti-war display a flash point
Outrage at Land Park pair's use of uniform may stifle dialogue." Friends biked by the house this weekend and they said it was a circus, with ex-Marines giving hard looks, free speech advocates, and multiple news vans. Like I said before, this wacky couple had better hope that no one checks their back story, or this thing could blow up in their faces.

So, Syria orchestrates an assassination in Lebanon, and a certain Homzee shaves his beard to appear more anglo. Are these two things related?

Speaking of H, he has asked me to not give a full review to our night at Biba's (especially the dessert, heh, heh) in the interest of maintaining our privacy. Let's just say: Saw Biba, worried that we weren't fancy enough then spotted people in jeans and hoodies (yay America! way to be total slobs), nice waitress who warned me that the carpaccio is raw (duh), carpaccio that wasn't as good as Bravo Ristorantes, best homemade butternut squash ravioli with sage ever, meat course so-so (but I would never order a meat course normally, cuz I'm not really a meat person), great salad with celery root, green apple and super-mustardy dressing (green apple and mustard taste perfect together, who knew?). There, it's not a full review.


Anonymous said...

Where in Land Park is the house? Also, i heard something about the owner, besides being a dick to people. I guess he took in a teenager and then they got married on her 18th birthday. He was 35 at the time.

Bee Cool, the coolest Bee reporter

Anonymous said...

He was 30 and she was 13. 5 years later they got married. he's a fucking nasty mother fucker.