Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Kids out! Oldsters in!

Just a short entry because I have a lot of work to do. Yesterday in the Sac Biz Journal there was an article about how there is a new civic campaign to bring older people to Old Sac. You would think what with all the old-timiness and the scintillating name that brings to mind an elderly scrotum, that Old Sac would not be a youth mecca. But it is. In the past few years there have been several mini-riots and the police have been involved. So they're trying to drive the youth out and bring the oldsters in by having more live music of the type that youngsters don't like, like jazz and Dixieland jazz. They will be pushing a major public campaign soon, so expect to see commercials, print ads, etc. Bringing a whole new crowd in seems more difficult than figuring out a way to profit from the kids that are hanging out there. Kids always get a bad rap, but what are they supposed to do for fun? The club owners complain that those under 21 just hang out outside, so how about some all ages clubs? These kids have money, I'm sure they're patronizing some of the food-type businesses like the frenchfries from around the world place (bet you didn't know that old sac had a place like that). Does the fact that (gasp) many of these kids are not white have anything to do with it? That would be old-timey in a bad way.


Anonymous said...

I love the Spud Shack, although last time I went there it was closed for construction. The guy who runs it is from Canada and he says once you've had the fries from Montreal you will never go back. The corn dogs are very good too. I love Old Sac (the place). I also like the outdoor weiner grilling place but it seems to be closed for the winter. The falafel place ain't bad either.


leon said...

Does the fact that (gasp) many of these kids are not white have anything to do with it? I think you hit the obvious nail on the head. I remember a while back at an Ol' Sac 4-Is, bright ideas, etc... show seeing people being herded out of the area by mounted police in riot gear afterwards. They were videotaping people as well. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they busted out a fire hose and attack dogs.

You never see that shit in front of Club 2-me after hours when the Suck-State Jocks begin fighting over the last pasty.

beckler said...

My love for Laszlo's has been documented in this blog. I think I'm due for another visit with that delicious smoked fish.

beckler said...

I know. How about putting in an 18 and over hip-hop club along the lines of Club 21? That place is packed and everyone is dancing and spending money. They do call in waaaayy too many cops when it's closing time, so the city probably wants to shut that place down soon. The night I was there, the amount of cops was totally overkill. I didn't see any problems.

Anonymous said...

yeah, if the problem is too many people mobbing the places, the proper capitalist solution is to follow the law of supply & demand and open more places. seems obvious that the city should "fast-track" more things for the young'uns to do, instead of trying to close it all down.