Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Music news

I stole this from Leon's blog. The link to that Euro band from the future that played at the house party on friday:
It's pretty funny and I recommend you download a song or two. It will brighten up your dreary work day for a few minutes.

Apparently there are "secret" shows coming up? Where is this Evens show tonight? I mean, I know the general location, but does anyone know what building it's in?

I was skimming the info about this show tonight and I thought the Evens had former Sassiest Boy in America Ian from the Nation of Ulysses in it and I got all excited. Then after I posted this I noticed that it's Ian from Fugazi. This makes it about 50% less likely that I will go. But still, if anyone knows which building it's in I want to know.

Which Ian is your favorite?


Anonymous said...

mother india restaurant, downtown. i'll probably be there (although i am LOATHE to miss 'project runway').

both ians have their perks! when i was a teen california girl i was obsessed with svenonious, made valentine's cards with him on them and everything. so then i moved to dc and was like "!!!!" but quickly got over it because the dude is haggard. definitely simian. however, he is very nice, and absolutely hilarious. i don't know anyone who can say a bad thing about him (other than giving him shit for how he looks or whatever). ian mackaye on the other hand is a grumpy old man who swears ALL THE TIME, which is extremely endearing.

personally, i don't have a favorite.

Maya said...

It's not a secret. But the reference is an inside joke! I wish I could go.

beckler said...

I forgot they were both from DC. Svenonius was nice to me when I was 19 and asked for his autograph cuz I read about him in Sassy. He is in fact the only person I've ever gotten an autograph from (on second thought, it's him and John Wayne Bobbit) and I cringe when I think about how dorky it was to ask him.

Anonymous said...

you have a bobbit autograph? holy cow.~A