Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dirty Graswich

Jesus Christ. What is wrong with frat boys? Now a kid at Chico died from excessive water consumption in a hazing ritual. I have been reading about how most frat houses are alcohol free now because of lawsuits, but then the lunkheads think of new ways to kill and maim their pledges.

Did anyone hear about the bouncer at the Torch Club that got shot with a shotgun? Supposedly, a patron returned to shoot him because he had been denied entry earlier. The shooter immediately checked himself into a mental hospital, which is where police found him, so he probably had mental problems. The bouncer seems like he will live.

The Bee headline today about the fireman scandal is "Close Watch on Sex Probe". You gotta keep a close watch on those things or they might get lost in there somewhere. What does this joke mean? I'm not sure. This sex probe is going to be conducted very publicly, so we might get all the juicy details of who put what where and whether the shocker was employed. Is it me, or am I writing more like Graswich every day? Well, a dirty Graswich. City Councilman Rob Fong is a voice of reason, because he is pointing out that each incident is separate, and we shouldn't punish these folks more harshly just because other scandals have occured.

Evil ex-congressman Doug Ose has stepped forward with an alternate plan to fund a new arena, but I am too lazy to read the whole article and figure it out. Here's the article:
It has something to do with private investors financing and arena in the Natomas areas. Now there are competing plans, because the other group of landowners wants to press on with their plan. What a mess.

This is really weird. The Fiery Furnaces are playing at Harlow's on April 26th. Will anyone go? Some local band is supposed to open. I wonder who they'll get?

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