Thursday, February 17, 2005


I probably won't have time for a proper post until later, but for now, here's the meager celebrity gossip I could gather: Vince Vaughn is taller than you can imagine, if you are expecting the governator to be short, he will surprise you by not being that short, but he is very wide. The guv and the rock had a heart to heart, the rock is also not very tall, Vince Vaughn did not seem to spend any time talking to the gov, but he did hang out with Cedric the Entertainer alot (see, he is rad, he probably hates Arnold). Mike got to hear Arnie say "Kalifornia" numerous times. That's about it. It doesn't seem like anyone interacted with the celebs that much.

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Maya said...

Vince Vaughn is tall! He stood next to me for a moment at a Hepcat show in Chicago, before going up on stage. I think he may be taller than my dad.