Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Vague post

According the this CLMC poster, the Naked Lounge is a known "bisexual hangout":

Speaking of sexual orientation, there is a person who shall remain anonymous that some of us are acquainted with that is undergoing a (and I'm not sure what the correct term is here) gender reassignment. I think this person is very brave to do what she is doing. Even though our larger group of friends (scene?) are in general very accepting of differences, it has still got to be the hardest thing in the world for a straight male to make the transition to being a female. Wow! This is hard to write about, because I keep wanting to write things like "want to transition", but I'm sure this is not a matter of choice, it is something that this person is compelled to do. Anyway, although this anonymous person is probably not a reader of this blog, I salute her courage and I hope that everyone that comes in contact with her in the future will be sensitive about this, but also remember that she's the same person that we've known inside. This is hard for me, because when I saw her the other day I got nervous that I would say the wrong thing and didn't joke around like I used to, but I'm gonna try harder next time. Sorry for being so vague, but I wanna protect her privacy.


Alice said...

i have a friend who's father is transitioning to female. she's proud of her dad but it's definitely been a total mind-fuck. especially because he lives in louisville. i really wish these things were more accepted in our culture so it wasn't so hard for people who need to undergo the transition.

Maya said...

I have a friend in Seattle who successfully transitioned from male to female. Either way, she's one of the most deeply thoughtful people I know. It's really funny to hear her dissect the affect of female hormones on her brain--like how she thinks funny things our friends do are cute now, whereas before they warranted no other processing. She had a very supportive friend base and a job that didn't pass judgement on her choice, but even so, people outside of that circle made ignorant comments. I know she had difficulty transitioning from androgyne to femme--I think that would be the hardest part.

In any case, I hope the person you're talking about can feel comfortable in our environs. I welcome anybody doing their best to be true to themselves.

Anonymous said...

A former resident loosely associated with "the scene" is also transitioning right now. One thing about the kids in Sac is this, I've personally never seen anyone be a dick/bitch about gender, sexuality, or trans issues. Maybe people are more evolved than given credit for OR maybe people just watch themselves in mixed company?